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1332877985314029568 1 hour ago Great job @DJBonics DJ BONICS
1332877942557265920 1 hour ago I wore some new Taylor Gang merch and smoked a joint on Tv all cause i... Twitter for iPhone
1332877664441434114 1 hour ago I do it for you gangsters https://t.co/2OeRTGEFyG Twitter for iPhone
1332877584002998274 1 hour ago RT @MoniqueeMariaah: @wizkhalifa sparking one during his performance ... Monique 🔮 Wiz Khalifa
1332877552809984007 1 hour ago RT @QuePasaPrimo: @wizkhalifa out here smokin loud and proud #tysonvsj... Marco Rivera Wiz Khalifa
1332877526415261696 1 hour ago I missed my bro too lol https://t.co/8lZ7N1JOnL Twitter for iPhone
1332877335465377794 1 hour ago Try and rap one of my songs and see how lyrical i am champ. https://t.... Twitter for iPhone
1332877118770802688 1 hour ago That’s that good inspiration https://t.co/WOf4QYPI7l Twitter for iPhone
1332877029746696195 1 hour ago They said weed right https://t.co/VnMFV805Mz Twitter for iPhone
1332876976026128384 1 hour ago RT @sirGuawpington: 1 up for the Stoners this fool @wizkhalifa just li... TA_Tilla Wiz Khalifa
1332876962293981185 1 hour ago RT @chadbaker__: [email protected] smoking a fat plane while performing for... Chad Wiz Khalifa
1332876944451407872 1 hour ago RT @15th_5ive: @wizkhalifa that wasn’t no fake cough. That’s that ... Gene Perry (5ive) Wiz Khalifa
1332876932040454145 1 hour ago RT @cerati9: A @wizkhalifa sighting!!! @triller #TysonJones https://t.... Xavier G. Campos Wiz Khalifa TRILLER
1332876893947789313 1 hour ago RT @Ismailo45804627: Comme tjr @wizkhalifa il n'arrête jamais #tysonv... Ismail Wiz Khalifa
1332871674287386625 2 hours ago RT @alecRettig: @wizkhalifa smoking on set! My boy Alec Wiz Khalifa
1332871660010029057 2 hours ago RT @_Ashnasties__: I just love @wizkhalifa 😍🙌🏾 https://t.co/0... Slim, Bitch 😈❤️ Wiz Khalifa
1332871637780164608 2 hours ago RT @ijuswannaplay11: I knew wiz was bust the kk cone out @wizkhalifa ijuswannaplay11 Wiz Khalifa
1332871622059933696 2 hours ago RT @SJN07: @wizkhalifa lighting a blunt rapping on national tv during... Sarah Leigh(Gibbish) Wiz Khalifa
1332871382095388672 2 hours ago When you live like this your supposed to party https://t.co/1DOXyRINhG Twitter for iPhone
1332827257480482817 4 hours ago For sure. Sticc wit it champ https://t.co/kd2YKJGLFz Twitter for iPhone
1332827039661842432 4 hours ago We dropped albums every quarter this year at Taylor gang champ lol htt... Twitter for iPhone
1332826718445289472 4 hours ago Turkey jerky lol https://t.co/hjCfXjSgxX Twitter for iPhone
1332826447103229953 5 hours ago Gotta make sure Prada gets some too https://t.co/QLZFwwWDla Twitter for iPhone
1332826285467332610 5 hours ago Bud Sweat & Tears https://t.co/mUko6T9FYz Twitter for iPhone
1332826049122508802 5 hours ago It’s gonna be sicc. I lit one up on stage https://t.co/jk7DU1dvQi Twitter for iPhone
1332825526147301378 5 hours ago Samantha will be mine, mine, mine https://t.co/SXYxcfI4JI Twitter for iPhone
1332824602553184256 5 hours ago Roll somethin. Read something. How many days till we sposed to stop ea... Twitter for iPhone
1332740115509121026 10 hours ago Tonight! Catch my performance & see the historic @MikeTyson and @R... Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr Boxing
1332530434366869505 1 day ago Im 57 & 0. I’ll kicc yo ass baby Thnx @triller https://t.co/JD... TRILLER
1332494328078368768 1 day ago My next album is for sure gonna be produced entirely by @therealjuicyj... juicy j
1332479128864518146 1 day ago ONE WEEK AWAY 🔥 Get your tickets to THE SHOW. I’m performing The ... LiveXLive FITE
1332453429898219522 1 day ago Dante had that super good weed that made my man forget to put oven mit... Twitter for iPhone
1332452927944888320 1 day ago I’ll get tha rig ready https://t.co/ICJDRMdVcY Twitter for iPhone
1332452820121837568 1 day ago Tha best of vibes lol https://t.co/NALKgJHKDW Twitter for iPhone
1332449344973258753 1 day ago Pull up and macc sum baddies https://t.co/1B3g5JP1yI Twitter for iPhone
1332449088009224192 1 day ago Everything you’ve heard about me is true https://t.co/4hk4wYjks0 Twitter for iPhone
1332447359544922112 1 day ago Catch me in some pj’s wit a nice group of female stoners Twitter for iPhone
1332446339238567936 1 day ago RT @TommySW6: @wizkhalifa We outchea wiz https://t.co/GNm7x2pHdg Nathan Church Wiz Khalifa
1332445986770223104 1 day ago Roll somethin. Read somethin. Still got my plate from yesterday by my ... Twitter for iPhone
1332400460616134657 1 day ago RT @TaylorGang: Mystery Boxes are almost sold out! Only Smalls left ... TAYLOR GANG
1332398399585476611 1 day ago Get 30% off all weekend on merch https://t.co/hO8iYObYVr https://t.co... Twitter for iPhone
1332383767466487817 1 day ago Can’t wait to be a part of history tomorrow night #TysonJones Nov 28... TRILLER
1332185467945504768 1 day ago Yes finally. I been thirsty lol https://t.co/oJgKBgbAKl Twitter for iPhone
1332182004679520256 1 day ago RT @TaylorGang: Mystery Boxes are live https://t.co/8Dw8LHTdj6 TAYLOR GANG
1332180380439330817 1 day ago RT @TaylorGang: Grinders are back https://t.co/8Dw8LHTdj6 TAYLOR GANG
1332157879407808512 2 days ago RT @TaylorGang: Real Taylors text 412-226-4201 TAYLOR GANG
1332148536545165315 2 days ago This album bout to make everyone get fucced up at tha same time https:... Twitter for iPhone
1332147820594302976 2 days ago Go in lol https://t.co/5irEzTjN2Q Twitter for iPhone
1332146533429481472 2 days ago Out tha turkey bag https://t.co/61j0CyityS Twitter for iPhone
1332046771950809088 2 days ago Is it doubled eggs or deviled eggs. And if so, how does one devil and ... Twitter for iPhone