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you drew stars around my scars
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1332411708208508930 3 days ago retweet 4ever https://t.co/VTumknIbGC Twitter for iPhone
1331761226699960322 5 days ago @amitoowell131 I’m so happy you liked it. I miss you guys terribly a... amira 🤎
1331756802078334982 5 days ago @AshhHuntington @disneyplus @aaron_dessner Thanks, Aaron is one of the... Ashley Disney+ Aaron Dessner
1331752358020308994 5 days ago @sheroseslowly Confirmed: the woman was, in fact, mad. 😂 #folkloreO... Dana🍩
1331751773921562625 5 days ago @stateofarabella @taylornation13 ah yes, the FolkGLARE. 😈 #folklore... Arabella | 🎄🎄🎄 Taylor Nation
1331750462958284806 5 days ago @adrienchanted Yeah that one scalds. Like why is it so sad?? I remembe... Adri 💘
1331749183074619393 5 days ago @LydsEpp @taylornation13 It really slipped away into a moment of time ... Lydia 🎗 Taylor Nation
1331748997124534274 5 days ago @luvyoutosaturn @taylornation13 @cinnamn13 Wowwwwww thank you so much.... ellexa is trying Taylor Nation Daniel ❄️
1331744604891344896 5 days ago @elincomprendid @taylornation13 Yeah, talking to Jack about life is on... Incomprendido 🇦🇷 Taylor Nation
1331741612402237443 5 days ago @thinkzakkIknows @taylornation13 I take that as the highest compliment... Zakk 🌼 mirrorball ✨ Taylor Nation
1331740277665656834 5 days ago @tayismyfalsegod @taylornation13 Thank you so much, I’m glad. Folklo... rachel🤍 Taylor Nation
1331736619796324353 5 days ago RT @disneyplus: “Turned out that everyone needed a good cry as well ... Disney+ Taylor Swift
1331633401355497472 5 days ago RT @taylornation13: You’re the 1 we want to watch folklore: the long... Taylor Nation Disney+
1331602461010894850 5 days ago folklore: the long pond studio sessions (from the Disney+ special) del... Twitter for iPhone
1331510937812168704 6 days ago folklore: the long pond studio sessions is out now on @disneyplus! #fo... Disney+
1331389046065684483 6 days ago ask us how our days been https://t.co/zQDydAyCtE Twitter for iPhone
1331224929233227777 6 days ago Well it’s 11/24 and 24-11=13 so I’ve got an announcement 🤓 You ... Disney+
1330575546208686080 1 week ago not a lot going on at the moment https://t.co/54uGPH1ysF Twitter for iPhone
1328471874318311425 2 weeks ago Been getting a lot of questions about the recent sale of my old master... Twitter for iPhone
1327247562655608833 2 weeks ago It only took one day to confirm what I had suspected for years: Paul M... Rolling Stone
1323346718189080576 4 weeks ago https://t.co/BrTBvXb08b https://t.co/nXKdykG7eG Twitter Media Studio
1322220946871197698 1 month ago RT @KamalaHarris: Thank you @TaylorSwift13 and my friend @EricSwalwell... Kamala Harris Taylor Swift Eric Swalwell
1318297296254226435 1 month ago Stunning and important. So much love and respect for @boniver https://... Bon Iver
1317480984862879749 1 month ago Along with the signed cd, some lucky purchasers of these items may eve... Caturday
1317164757540065282 1 month ago RT @taylornation13: Signed #folklore CDs are back for a limited time!!... Taylor Nation
1313938080290803715 1 month ago I spoke to @vmagazine about why I’ll be voting for Joe Biden for pre... V Magazine Kamala Harris Inez and Vinoodh
1311031952544235527 2 months ago WELL this took my breath away and I’m honored to hear Cardigan inter... Avril Lavigne YUNGBLUD’s on mars
1307895164174823424 2 months ago Yeah I showed up at your party...then made a thematic album chapter ab... Twitter for iPhone
1307031585624076288 2 months ago “Betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards is out ... Twitter for iPhone
1306044431850770432 2 months ago Guys I don’t know anything but I know I miss youuuuu. So watch the @... ACM Awards
1305204230060494849 2 months ago Bout to show up at your party @ACMawards 😺 https://t.co/ekNJfv4hci ACM Awards
1304880467825627138 2 months ago @VancityReynolds @jessetyler @blakelively not trying to be The Loudest... Ryan Reynolds Jesse Tyler Ferguson Blake Lively
1298833883350413313 3 months ago The third album theme I put together is called “folklore: the saltbo... Twitter for iPhone
1298654867968479232 3 months ago @vitoriamariox Vitoria!! Your video just made my day. You worked so ha... Vitoria
1297748490647490560 3 months ago The next thematic composition that I put together from the album is ou... Twitter for iPhone
1296662967359070209 3 months ago In my head, the songs on folklore fit together in different groups and... Twitter for iPhone
1295710489318760449 3 months ago folklore deluxe edition featuring bonus song “the lakes” is now av... Twitter for iPhone
1295492658278801409 3 months ago RT @Vevo: Wrap yourself up in all the details of @taylorswift13's "car... Vevo Taylor Swift
1294685438528159749 3 months ago Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership gravely worsened the crisis th... Twitter for iPhone
1294685437362155522 3 months ago Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He ... Twitter for iPhone
1293327291850907648 3 months ago YES https://t.co/FuxljfhgZP Twitter for iPhone
1290431583414095873 3 months ago @jpcleds WOW this is incredible!! Thank you so much for making this. ... FOLKLORDE
1290347477418336259 3 months ago https://t.co/frGE46P5vD https://t.co/xz1AqHMWWN Twitter for iPhone
1288979593379143680 4 months ago @thechicks https://t.co/uaNE7N2N7x The Chicks
1288956898495139840 4 months ago @seeitinmymind Welcome back from your trip! We are all somber woodland... camping girl
1288868421539700736 4 months ago @AmiraRasool Amira, I admire the work you’re doing and I’m happy t... Amira Rasool The Folklore Amira Rasool Black in Fashion Council
1288689416639254529 4 months ago The video for cardigan “cabin in candlelight” version is out now u... Twitter for iPhone
1288687288046714880 4 months ago cardigan “cabin in candlelight” version is out now 🕯https://t.c... Twitter for iPhone
1288681710159306753 4 months ago @kenziecoffman When I tell you I nearly choked on my wine laughing at ... mac woman
1288624417187270658 4 months ago Thank you for keeping the secret til now 🙏🙏😂😂 https://t.co... Twitter for iPhone