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1332044555152068609 3 days ago RT @benjpasek: Shout out to elementary school music teachers, especial... Benj Pasek
1332044198128742400 3 days ago RT @jaketapper: Thanksgiving messages this morning from the outgoing a... Jake Tapper
1330644451182538754 1 week ago RT @RepsForBiden: Amazing. Republicans for Joe Biden 🇺🇸
1330644048390995969 1 week ago RT @MarkRuffalo: “One of its Facebook pages is called “Gas Chamber... Mark Ruffalo
1330644014442242049 1 week ago RT @GovLarryHogan: If you had done your job, America's governors would... Governor Larry Hogan
1330642827659812864 1 week ago RT @SteveSchmidtSES: [email protected] you are a disgrace to your office and a... Steve Schmidt Ted Cruz
1328813150951510016 1 week ago RT @RepsForBiden: Trump’s day so far: Loses his case in PA supreme... Republicans for Joe Biden 🇺🇸
1328466002175164416 1 week ago ❤️❤️❤️❤️ times a billion https://t.co/6UXdUgTNKj Twitter for iPhone
1328091288869036033 2 weeks ago RT @benjpasek: I appreciated your public rebuke of Kyle Rittenh-oh wai... Benj Pasek
1328091147655213056 2 weeks ago RT @SykesCharlie: Prediction: The MAGAverse and media satellites will:... Charlie Sykes
1328091037940686848 2 weeks ago RT @jpitney: It's painful to watch my former employer -- the Republica... Jack Pitney GOP
1327290584600510464 2 weeks ago We're making this season bright! 🌟 Singalong with me during the #... DisneyHolidaySingalong
1326925016844259328 2 weeks ago RT @JimmyKimmelLive: “A Very COVID Christmas” from @ChrisStapleton... Jimmy Kimmel Live Chris Stapleton
1326355046217363457 2 weeks ago RT @benjpasek: When you grow up as a Jewish kid, you’re always told ... Benj Pasek
1326354809759232005 2 weeks ago RT @SteveSchmidtSES: Here is the leader of the Free World congratulati... Steve Schmidt
1326354611406467073 2 weeks ago RT @PadmaLakshmi: Eric Trump is encouraging voting in Minnesota, Mike ... Padma Lakshmi
1326354545757220865 2 weeks ago RT @SteveSchmidtSES: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Steve Schmidt
1326354506863370240 2 weeks ago RT @RepsForBiden: #LockHimUp https://t.co/rKAW8smqFy Republicans for Joe Biden 🇺🇸
1326354488500785152 2 weeks ago RT @RepsForBiden: Landslide. Republicans for Joe Biden 🇺🇸
1326354378903580672 2 weeks ago RT @RepsForBiden: People who didn’t congratulate President-elect Bid... Republicans for Joe Biden 🇺🇸
1326354335916204032 2 weeks ago RT @Reddsaidit: Imagine watching somebody get their ass whooped, come ... Chris Redd
1326354136762183681 2 weeks ago RT @HuffPost: During a press conference, Secretary Mike Pompeo said th... HuffPost
1325600338875879425 3 weeks ago RT @RecordingAcad: Backstage at the 16th #GRAMMYs in 1974 with @cher a... Recording Academy / GRAMMYs Cher Stevie Wonder
1325600123582214144 3 weeks ago RT @chrissyteigen: they're just such fucking liars. it is B O N K E R ... chrissy teigen
1325250112088469505 3 weeks ago What a momentous day!!!!! https://t.co/S3TW7RO237 Twitter for iPhone
1325210109291585545 3 weeks ago Yeah Donny, but not enough. https://t.co/NqzvFLERVx Twitter for iPhone
1325143133982613505 3 weeks ago RT @aliciakeys: Not a crier but I lowkey shed a tear, we won’t let h... Alicia Keys
1325143010099699712 3 weeks ago RT @BetteMidler: Thrilling! bettemidler
1325142930089107456 3 weeks ago