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1333463323300519938 1 minute ago RT @MichaelPaulson: Theaters are trying every workaround they've maste... Michael Paulson
1333460815979098113 11 minutes ago The winner of Tuesday’s runoff in Georgia will have the distinction ... SocialFlow
1333458675118161930 19 minutes ago “It is deeply offensive to every Australian,” Prime Minister Scott... Twitter Web App
1333455773976891395 31 minutes ago As President-elect Joe Biden now assembles his foreign-policy team, pr... SocialFlow
1333452018254573569 46 minutes ago RT @NYTScience: Can the virus evolve to resist a vaccine? Yes. It's no... NYT Science
1333448244957999114 1 hour ago Don’t feel bad about cutting down a tree for the holiday. Christmas ... SocialFlow
1333445718292504576 1 hour ago RT @JulietMacur: Maggie Haney, serving an eight-year ban for mistreati... Juliet Macur
1333443858609426432 1 hour ago RT @tmagazine: T's Holiday issue celebrates three of America's most be... T Magazine Dolly Parton Patti LaBelle
1333443198304313344 1 hour ago The artificial intelligence lab DeepMind built a computer system that ... SocialFlow
1333440714022203393 1 hour ago Delivery drivers have been essential to feeding New Yorkers and keepin... SocialFlow
1333436905103499264 1 hour ago RT @natashanyt: I spent the last few weeks speaking with K-12 teachers... Natasha Singer
1333434381583716352 1 hour ago The price of a single Bitcoin rose to a record of above $19,783, after... SocialFlow
1333433163314585601 2 hours ago In Opinion "Watching President Trump’s 'Stop the Steal' campaign si... SocialFlow
1333429355092054018 2 hours ago The lovesick song “Silly Games” and its indelible high note play a... SocialFlow
1333425606835449859 2 hours ago “The days where it’s 13-plus hours at school, you’re just exhaus... SocialFlow
1333421791214260224 2 hours ago Australia’s prime minister condemned what he called a fabricated ima... SocialFlow
1333418071508340738 3 hours ago France wants to reverse globalization and lure back manufacturing from... SocialFlow
1333414276795682817 3 hours ago At the funeral for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist,... SocialFlow
1333413985207656451 3 hours ago Breaking News: GM scaled down its deal with the electric-truck startup... SocialFlow
1333410497832554499 3 hours ago “It’s disheartening. There’s no logic in it at all.” During ... SocialFlow
1333406698816593923 3 hours ago The Supreme Court will hear arguments on President Trump’s efforts, ... SocialFlow
1333402947439513605 4 hours ago Four police officers were charged over the beating of a Black music pr... SocialFlow
1333399145776869376 4 hours ago "Remy, the ratatouille The rat of all my dreams I praise you, my ratat... SocialFlow
1333395467753951232 4 hours ago The public schools in Baltimore County will remain closed Monday and T... SocialFlow
1333387829582442496 5 hours ago A viable coronavirus vaccine may be just weeks away. Who will get the ... SocialFlow
1333384048320929793 5 hours ago Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, has found a business opportunity in f... Ben Smith
1333380773852942341 5 hours ago Breaking News: Moderna is asking the FDA to authorize its coronavirus ... SocialFlow
1333372750338142212 6 hours ago Nike, Coca-Cola and other major companies and business groups are lobb... SocialFlow
1333365227098869772 6 hours ago President-elect Joe Biden twisted his ankle playing with one of his do... SocialFlow
1333361395971264513 6 hours ago New coronavirus cases in England fell 30% by the end of the third week... SocialFlow
1333357635031224320 7 hours ago A Charles Manson follower who is serving a life sentence for her role ... SocialFlow
1333350097061601280 7 hours ago The judiciary is crucial to Hong Kong's status as a global hub for tra... SocialFlow
1333339236087570436 8 hours ago A penumbral eclipse is when the moon dips behind Earth’s faint, oute... SocialFlow
1333326909858607104 9 hours ago Almost one year after a deadly volcanic eruption killed 22 people on N... SocialFlow
1333309819747446784 10 hours ago As Split Britches, Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver have made off-kilter the... SocialFlow
1333294700405649408 11 hours ago China built a village in territory also claimed by the kingdom of Bhut... SocialFlow
1333279613548630016 12 hours ago Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel warned on Sunday that his ... SocialFlow
1333264510715629568 13 hours ago Tony Hsieh was known for running Zappos, but his biggest imprint was i... SocialFlow
1333249417315577857 14 hours ago There are leading candidates and dark horses. There are potential road... SocialFlow
1333234320950128642 15 hours ago Are your symptoms Covid-19? From a sniffle that feels like allergies, ... SocialFlow
1333219200907829250 16 hours ago The killing on Friday of Iran’s top nuclear scientist was the latest... SocialFlow
1333204104282333187 17 hours ago The rescue mission was supposed to be simple: fly 30 endangered turtle... SocialFlow
1333193265567371267 17 hours ago President-elect Joe Biden announced an all-female White House communic... SocialFlow
1333189023586787330 18 hours ago President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name top members of his econo... SocialFlow
1333183989830590464 18 hours ago Sheriff’s deputies shut down a party of 400 people in Midtown Manhat... SocialFlow
1333178955650789377 18 hours ago In his first one-on-one interview since losing to Joe Biden, President... SocialFlow
1333173921991024642 19 hours ago President-elect Joe Biden sprained his ankle on Saturday while playing... SocialFlow
1333168911039258625 19 hours ago The mysterious metal monolith that was found last week in the Utah des... SocialFlow
1333163845368623105 19 hours ago A recount in two Wisconsin counties has reinforced Biden’s victory i... SocialFlow
1333158814170968066 20 hours ago Oregon reported its first coronavirus cases at a mink farm this week w... SocialFlow