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🚀 Exploring the universe and our home planet.
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1333446150330884096 59 minutes ago RT @NASASun: This week marks 25 years in space for @ESA and @NASA’s ... NASA Sun & Space ESA NASA
1333192796866547713 17 hours ago In the wee hours of the morning on Nov. 30, our favorite celestial nei... Sprinklr
1333192674883592193 17 hours ago RT @Astro_Soichi: Moonstruck. Speechless. #FullMoon rise 満月の出... NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち)
1333148487538651136 20 hours ago Space news, delivered! 📩 Join us for weekly updates on our #Artemi... Artemis
1333092350315425793 1 day ago Airplanes fly about 600 mph, but the @Space_Station orbits Earth at 17... Intl. Space Station
1332794922055950336 1 day ago 🚀 10.9 million names from around the WORLD are on their way to Mars... NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
1332775853185507336 1 day ago @RTELateLateShow 🌟 Adam’s kind heart and adventurous spirit inspi... The Late Late Show
1332771810602004481 1 day ago RT @NASA_LSP: Keep up with #SeeingTheSeas! 🌊🛰️ Want to "sea" ... NASA's Launch Services Program
1332745746743955456 1 day ago 😯 Earth isn't the only place with rivers, lakes & seas. Saturn... Sprinklr
1332734684632133633 2 days ago RT @NASA_Technology: For Small Business Saturday we want to tell you a... NASA Technology NASA
1332690761134055426 2 days ago RT @Astro_Soichi: Cool #Dragon,beautiful #moon, and, yes, our precious... NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち)
1332531163743866880 2 days ago This week... 🌔 Stacking @NASA_SLS rocket boosters for the #Artemis... NASA_SLS SpaceX Nanoracks Intl. Space Station NASA Solve
1332519863051571200 2 days ago We hope you enjoyed being sucked into #BlackHoleFriday by mind-bending... BlackHoleFriday
1332506773484396545 2 days ago 🎥 Caught on tape 🕳️ Scientists recently caught a stellar-mass... BlackHoleFriday
1332476051306459139 2 days ago NASA to Black Hole: You had 1️⃣ job! What can happen when a black... Chandra Observatory
1332445371042324480 2 days ago Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got too close to a bla... BlackHoleFriday
1332414645785812997 2 days ago For black holes, it's always a cloudy day ☁️ Black holes don’t ... BlackHoleFriday
1332399290405302281 2 days ago RT @NASAHubble: Happy #BlackHoleFriday! ⚫ Not even light can escape... Hubble
1332379916030128134 2 days ago Let's go back to basics with #BlackHoleFriday 101 on the latest episod... BlackHoleFriday
1332369776702734336 3 days ago RT @SOFIAtelescope: It’s #BlackHoleFriday and we found a galaxy that... SOFIAtelescope
1332360876742086657 3 days ago 😱 One does not simply want to live near a black hole. Here are the ... BlackHoleFriday
1332343628530733061 3 days ago @MechanicalMarco https://t.co/8aYxSHsLf6 Marco Thompson 🚀
1332343396552245254 3 days ago @PatrickRoath https://t.co/OZYiALhLVE Patrick Roath
1332342236231708674 3 days ago Need a distraction from the hustle and bustle of holiday season? Take ... BlackHoleFriday
1332320592574492672 3 days ago 🚨 🚨 Deal of the Day Alert 🚨 🚨 It’s our 8th annual #Blac... BlackHoleFriday
1332154144627580928 3 days ago RT @NASASTEM: Only 3 weeks left to enter the #Artemis Moon Pod Essay C... NASA STEM Engagement
1332105358924451841 3 days ago Thanksgiving... in space! See how @NASA_Astronauts celebrate holiday... NASA Astronauts
1332090542029672450 3 days ago RT @Astro_illini: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Great friends, tasty fo... Mike Hopkins
1332061436890243073 3 days ago We're thankful for food innovation & researchers! Did you know tha... NASA Technology
1332032774279225344 3 days ago Whether your food is floating out in front of you or resting firmly on... HappyThanksgiving
1332004717921071104 4 days ago @Mars10Mars https://t.co/sVGEAJDbiR mars
1332002860607954945 4 days ago What are you most thankful for? Right now, approximately 250 miles up,... Intl. Space Station
1331708910328156160 4 days ago RT @NASAJPL: Now that the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite is in ... NASA JPL
1331676497069842433 4 days ago RT @NASAMars: If you have clear skies this evening where you are, look... NASA Mars
1331628343360245760 5 days ago RT @Astro_illini: Sorry for the gap in tweets! I’ve been getting adj... Mike Hopkins Intl. Space Station
1331614754683592705 5 days ago @lorenagarcia @SpaceX Beautiful moment! We love seeing Leo share the e... Lorena Garcia SpaceX NASA en español
1331402723544207361 5 days ago RT @SpaceApps: We're excited to announce the #SpaceApps 2020 GLOBAL FI... NASA International Space Apps Challenge
1331378063817535488 5 days ago On Sat., Dec. 5, @SpaceX is set to launch the next resupply mission to... SpaceX Intl. Space Station ISS Research Nanoracks
1331350382832967682 5 days ago The dawn of quiet supersonic technology grows nearer as @NASAAero team... NASA Aeronautics NASA Armstrong NASA's Kennedy Space Center
1331342937641259008 5 days ago RT @NASAexplores: The first pieces of the twin @NASA_SLS rocket booste... NASAexplores NASA_SLS
1331326944646995970 5 days ago LIVE: In recognition of the #SpaceStation20th anniversary, experts dis... ISS Research Intl. Space Station
1331320887883120641 5 days ago RT @AstroVicGlover: My first video from space! Looking at the Earth th... Victor Glover
1331312423630905345 5 days ago RT @NASAHubble: About 8,000 light-years away, a cluster of young stars... Hubble
1331302835410010112 5 days ago RT @NASAPersevere: As we continue my #CountdownToMars, learn more abou... NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
1331265823038709762 6 days ago The crew on the @Space_Station relies heavily on cargo resupply missio... Intl. Space Station SpaceX
1331068773097480201 6 days ago RT @NASAMoon: Wonder if you'll see a full Moon on your birthday next y... NASA Moon
1331007596862590977 6 days ago Members of the media are invited to apply by Nov. 24 to capture images... NASA_SLS NASA's Kennedy Space Center
1331001112535547906 6 days ago RT @AstroVicGlover: Welcome to my new home! My first few days on @Spac... Victor Glover Intl. Space Station
1330978661831483399 6 days ago With Chang’e 5, China has launched an effort to join the U.S. & ... Sprinklr
1330978473637154817 6 days ago RT @Dr_ThomasZ: Congratulations to China on the successful launch of C... Thomas Zurbuchen