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“Chromatica” ⚔️💓 OUT NOW https://t.co/137uGkbrgF | HEAD RUSH & HEAT SPELL https://t.co/i7WmQFgtzj
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1332420899471990786 2 days ago Happy Holidays from @hauslabs! Our #BlackFriday sales have started at ... HAUS LABORATORIES
1331999111478972417 4 days ago Praying for everyone this thanksgiving whose had a very hard year, may... Twitter for iPhone
1330974628588621824 6 days ago THANK YOU SO MUCH LITTLE MONSTERS! I love you 😘⚔️💓 https://t... Twitter for iPhone
1330196677379108872 1 week ago Experience an alternate cut for “911” and get an exclusive behind ... LG Electronics
1329960179077509123 1 week ago This year I’m taking part in the annual @LupusResearch gala in honor... Lupus Research
1329878022237822976 1 week ago 🚨 The “911” Vevo Footnotes episode is out now! https://t.co/QJA... Vevo
1328837879930384384 1 week ago 💕 HOLIDAY 4 YOU 💕 4 all your desires this season I know this ho... HAUS LABORATORIES
1328790254422159362 1 week ago Just in time for the holidays, @hauslabs expanded my dream matte lip f... HAUS LABORATORIES
1328745598963519488 1 week ago Brand new 💕 FOUR-WAY 💕 Shadow Palettes, available now https://t.... HAUS LABORATORIES
1328384763917307904 2 weeks ago HOLIDAY 4 U! Keep it sexy this season with a new kind of 4-WAY 😉 To... HAUS LABORATORIES
1327446484338479110 2 weeks ago RT @BTWFoundation: As our co-founder @ladygaga says, our kindness can ... Born This Way Foundation Lady Gaga
1325302918967304193 3 weeks ago 🙌Queen Kamala https://t.co/89NYmu9Mow Twitter for iPhone
1325278121860325377 3 weeks ago Me during #BidenHarris2020 speeches https://t.co/UO6tC4NZN7 BidenHarris2020
1325172450045227010 3 weeks ago . @realDonaldTrump please concede. I know you can see how America has... Donald J. Trump
1325120729130528768 3 weeks ago . @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris and the American people, you just gave the w... Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1324750699205337089 3 weeks ago YOU ARE HEROES. I am so grateful for you!! https://t.co/hUdE7BbyV3 Twitter for iPhone
1324401688787050502 3 weeks ago Make sure you take care of yourself while the election votes continue ... Twitter for iPhone
1324368531014610945 3 weeks ago COUNT EVERY VOTE! Thank you to our heroes who are valuing every Americ... Twitter for iPhone
1324132787150974977 3 weeks ago Sending love, hugs, and cheers to ALL the wonderful American Citizens ... Twitter for iPhone
1324016259466362880 3 weeks ago Every single vote in this country matters, will be counted and will ma... Twitter for iPhone
1323704305531056128 3 weeks ago Vote today like your life depends on it. This is a critical time to vo... Twitter for iPhone
1323429972804046850 3 weeks ago [email protected] #VoteBiden #Vote https://t.co/cwFYfDF5aY Donald J. Trump
1323401436672282624 3 weeks ago I’ll be speaking just after 7 ET and performing right before the inc... Joe Biden
1323285046816624640 4 weeks ago Good morning PENNSYLVANIA! I’m so excited to see you today and SING ... Joe Biden
1323085445706731521 4 weeks ago Vote early! Vote Tuesday! Vote #Biden! #vote https://t.co/4IH62dhBYt Biden vote
1323040269852397568 4 weeks ago HEY TIM HEY @realDonaldTrump SO HAPPY IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE i... Donald J. Trump
1323021701945446401 4 weeks ago I AM SO EXCITED to be back in Pennsylvania! (Pittsburgh where I used t... Biden vote
1322963864024174593 4 weeks ago That’s a pic of me in Pennsylvania when I lived in Lancaster. I LOVE... Joe Biden
1322665368108716033 4 weeks ago I’m voting for America #vote #election2020 https://t.co/bspDNkxnhJ vote election2020
1322209256611852294 1 month ago https://t.co/UnJeKoCx1v https://t.co/Ph2iFxNOEE Twitter Media Studio
1320932579550216192 1 month ago Category: Ballot Drop Off Realness https://t.co/3cYeStflOH Twitter for iPhone
1320104804086124549 1 month ago Ballot’s here! And it’s #VoteEarlyDay! Today’s the perfect day t... VoteEarlyDay
1319783669284831232 1 month ago Tomorrow is #VoteEarlyDay and registration is still open in some state... Rock the Vote
1319453412098895872 1 month ago YOU MUST VOTE. VOTING IS ESSENTIAL. #Debates2020 https://t.co/MJ9RwdF1... Debates2020
1319371935805890560 1 month ago We also need 1000s of non-lawyer volunteers to help protect this elect... ProtectTheVote
1318996052049973248 1 month ago I want to highlight the importance of voter protection at the polls. @... We The Action
1318671161404706817 1 month ago There is still a shortage of poll workers in almost every state. Today... Twitter for iPhone
1318598418369974274 1 month ago Introducing LIP POUTER. This innovative satin matte lip powder gives h... Twitter for iPhone
1318584001892732929 1 month ago Did somebody say precision?! The brand new EYE-LIE-NER with an ultra t... Twitter for iPhone
1318289648003686400 1 month ago Stay engaged and let’s continue breaking records in this election! Twitter for iPhone
1318289261183913985 1 month ago This week in voting is going to be a big one! 🥳 And @iamavoter_ has... I am a voter.
1318221882177384450 1 month ago This is a creamy, skip-free formula that smudges to perfection to crea... HAUS LABORATORIES
1318221711582507008 1 month ago We’ve created new ways to PUNK it up🤘 The brand new @hauslabs EY... HAUS LABORATORIES
1317903194396135424 1 month ago I’m going to avoid that mistake and make sure my vote is counted. He... Twitter for iPhone
1317903071276453888 1 month ago Happy Sunday!😊I’m sending love+a friendly reminder that your sign... Twitter for iPhone
1317575167552282624 1 month ago Make sure you’re poll ready for a fun time in line to vote, because ... Pizza to the Polls
1317133489829937152 1 month ago A huge thank you to all of the bosses who are making voting a priority... Twitter for iPhone
1317133487053393921 1 month ago It’s National Boss’s Day, a great day to check in with your boss o... Twitter for iPhone
1316771044049391617 1 month ago I know this is cheesy🤓...but https://t.co/EuDdrZXqhn is easy. This ... Twitter for iPhone
1316529581990404096 1 month ago @waffohs OMG I’m not getting paid!!! https://t.co/fXj5ubH5nJ is a no... W҉🧇𝖋𝖋𝖑𝖊𝖘