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1331063130957365249 6 days ago @NoemyeWest Trying boo LOL noemi
1331063092877221890 6 days ago Bless you https://t.co/JjsGEkFJNY Twitter for iPhone
1331062896109920258 6 days ago Ok I have to get back to promoting my show #TwistedSisters on the ID n... TwistedSisters
1331062551715532800 6 days ago @ColutPamela Happy birthday babe!!! Pamela Marcela Souza
1331062512280772610 6 days ago @kyliesbirkins I truly don’t understand this fetish of yours otav ☆
1331062104514727937 6 days ago @WeLive4Khloe Hahaha omg stop!!! You heard. How humiliating Marissa
1331061490103717888 6 days ago @narcicismo Hahaha stop!!!! Dead. OMG I need to luisjosé.
1331061418708267010 6 days ago @KhloMoneyKar ♥️♥️♥️♥️ KhloèK
1331061371123843073 6 days ago @ifavskhloe What’s fleets (don’t laugh 😡) gabriel
1331061138210000896 6 days ago @narcicismo Bully me back luisjosé.
1331061076503379969 6 days ago @kardashfannet I love you more!!!!! Kardashian Fan
1331061041459957762 6 days ago @kamarikardash I love you Kamari Kardashian
1331061015325229057 6 days ago @Khlomoney98 EXACTLY!! you get me Chloe
1331060934161227777 6 days ago @bound2kimk Hiiiiii 𝐤𝐢𝐦 𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐣𝐚𝐧
1331060901647065091 6 days ago @tash_kardash 💀💀💀 Tash
1331060760751947777 6 days ago @ifavskhloe I love you gabriel
1331060714392338432 6 days ago @khloeokurrr You betta wooooooorrrkkkkkkl gray ♡
1331060407407001601 6 days ago @Aussie_Kardash Hahahahahaa why are you guys so fucking crazy? It’s ... ❤️Kasey❤️️
1331060316403187714 6 days ago Wait is it wrong that I love the bullying (I mean that lovingly and pl... Twitter for iPhone
1331060052208218118 6 days ago @narcicismo Hahaha I’m dead!!!! luisjosé.
1331059998953140224 6 days ago @khloeokurrr @kyliesbirkins Gray*^** gray ♡ otav ★
1331059951242944512 6 days ago @khloeokurrr @kyliesbirkins 😂😂😂😂😂 grey is used to it gray ♡ otav ☆
1331059894582194187 6 days ago @bound2kimk 😝😝 𝐤𝐢𝐦 𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐣𝐚𝐧
1331059853687590915 6 days ago I’m blaming Lex for this. There’s not a real reason why. I just th... Twitter for iPhone
1331059609855950849 6 days ago @njkardashian Oh my gosh I’ve responded like three times maybe you... Nathan Kardashian
1331059535524478976 6 days ago @kyliesbirkins Oh my God your way too emo otav ☆
1331059467752882177 6 days ago OMG you guys are ducking nuts LOL Twitter for iPhone
1331058247822819329 6 days ago I could NEVER lol can you imagine??! #twistedsisters twistedsisters
1331058159809531904 6 days ago Omg Janice’s husband and ex-husband living in the same house… that... twistedsisters
1331057633030070276 6 days ago Awwwww you look beautiful boo ♥️♥️ https://t.co/vSIkNWHg3D Twitter for iPhone
1331057451127373826 6 days ago Pure evil!! https://t.co/cJMprjJ2yK Twitter for iPhone
1331056829489508353 6 days ago 🤚🏼🤚🏼 https://t.co/3StrybQNkK Twitter for iPhone
1331056731720355842 6 days ago Lol this is so cute 🥰 https://t.co/FOy2kW8tSf Twitter for iPhone
1331056651214888963 6 days ago Girl same https://t.co/GE8E20rrzQ Twitter for iPhone
1331056621032591361 6 days ago There she is!!! https://t.co/CFsj2fGrcN Twitter for iPhone
1331056587268472832 6 days ago RT @ifavskhloe: These cases always make my head = 🤯 #twistedsisters gabriel
1331055723699077127 6 days ago Ugh these sisters seem as close as I am to mine. Makes me sad knowing ... twistedsisters
1331055078610878465 6 days ago RT @ifavskhloe: #twistedsisters starts NOW @khloekardashian gabriel Khloé
1331054685147467777 6 days ago Omg how fitting https://t.co/NvAlhD4G4V Twitter for iPhone
1331054653933424640 6 days ago RT @njkardashian: Almost time for #TwistedSisters! Remember to use the... Nathan Kardashian Khloé
1331052962030911492 6 days ago RT @marajonikastan: It’s #twistedsisters day today😁💕 @khloekar... What That Speed bout🔥 Khloé
1331052945354280960 6 days ago RT @sherifkardash: RT if you’re watching #twistedsisters!! @khloekar... SHERIF KARDASH 🦚 Khloé
1331052889523904513 6 days ago RT @khloekgoddesss: ME! #twistedsisters #twistedsisters #twistedsist... khloekardashgoddess
1331052858452570112 6 days ago Happy birthday boo ♥️ https://t.co/s8Cng2uRd7 Twitter for iPhone
1331052764550467586 6 days ago 10 minutes!!!! #TwistedSisters I get chills just thinking about this e... TwistedSisters
1331046544573751297 6 days ago 30 minutes!!! Who’s watching with me? #TwistedSisters @DiscoveryID h... Investigation Discovery
1331001718163730432 6 days ago Tonight!!! 9/8c on @DiscoveryID #TwistedSisters https://t.co/qY9av8IcV... Investigation Discovery
1330198928361480195 1 week ago Everyone asks where I shop for TuTu 😍😍 Shop now in time for the ... Twitter for iPhone
1329837198519148544 1 week ago Happy Friday loves!!!! Added so many essentials from my closet this we... Twitter for iPhone
1328530981427453952 1 week ago Such a shocking story... Especially hearing Barbara tell her side of t... TwistedSisters