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Holy, Lonely and Monster out now
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1333626368014344193 4 hours ago RT @TheEllenShow: [email protected] Beanies. Tattoos. Tomorrow. https://... Ellen DeGeneres Justin Bieber
1333503422545453057 12 hours ago RT @bieberfever: In honor of the 5th anniversary of Purpose, skate wit... Bieber Fever
1332503043493949444 3 days ago RT @chancetherapper: AYYYYY THANK YOU ALL THANK YOU @justinbieber 💿... Chance The Rapper Justin Bieber
1331997303083851778 4 days ago Thankful. Grateful. Blessed Twitter for iPhone
1331748005242941441 5 days ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER from the directors chair @justinbieber https... Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1331678044810043392 5 days ago RT @Vevo: [email protected] and @justinbieber's "Monster" left us speechle... Vevo Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1331363661793865737 6 days ago #MONSTER from the archives https://t.co/heYKwTBP72 https://t.co/qVVcHp... MONSTER
1330983392838606850 1 week ago RT @spotifycharts: #Monster collab with @ShawnMendes and @justinbieber... Spotify Charts Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1330976288992096259 1 week ago We had fun https://t.co/OkbETypPML Twitter for iPhone
1330728778998411264 1 week ago One for the books. Thanks @tmobile @amas #AMAsWithUs #Ad https://t.co/... T-Mobile American Music Awards
1330728435665281026 1 week ago RT @AMAs: Well deserved, @justinbieber! He's taking home THREE #AMAs t... American Music Awards Justin Bieber
1330690180173402115 1 week ago RT @AMAs: If you've spent 10,000 hours listening to this song then you... American Music Awards
1330614730256474112 1 week ago RT @TMobile: What would make @JustinBieber’s #AMAs performance even ... T-Mobile Justin Bieber
1330603535734628359 1 week ago #AMAs tonight https://t.co/nTVfaG8nSo AMAs
1330603379178004495 1 week ago What a great human being! @shawnmendes thanks for letting me be on thi... Shawn Mendes
1330566019442745355 1 week ago RT @AppleMusic: Keep listening to #MONSTER from @ShawnMendes x @justin... Apple Music Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1330565966489657348 1 week ago RT @pandoramusic: [email protected] @justinbieber. That's it. That's the... Pandora Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1330212845745811458 1 week ago #MONSTER https://t.co/ktnSUnmHNs https://t.co/NZLHh6mU6a MONSTER
1330207612177162245 1 week ago RT @Vevo: Stars shine brighter in the dark @ShawnMendes @justinbieber ... Vevo Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1330207577314127876 1 week ago RT @amazonmusic: It's the friendship for us 😎 Listen to @justinb... Amazon Music Justin Bieber Shawn Mendes
1329894260443897863 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: Thank you for all the love on monster ✨🖤 https:/... Shawn Mendes
1329865249596510209 1 week ago #MONSTER merch https://t.co/PTNcAZrjoK https://t.co/CBaCZgMTeg MONSTER
1329811414492573698 1 week ago RT @youtubemusic: [email protected] x @justinbieber: the collab you've bee... YouTube Music Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329811233227288577 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: Monster with JB ✨❤️ Shawn Mendes
1329807921354592257 1 week ago RT @AppleMusic: “It feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ... Apple Music Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329807863557070848 1 week ago RT @Spotify: [email protected] & @justinbieber making Canada proud htt... Spotify Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329654041492791296 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER out now @justinbieber https://t.co/TjpYEFOrF... Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329653985201020929 1 week ago Watch the #MONSTER video out now @ShawnMendes https://t.co/5o11qhHAk0 ... Shawn Mendes
1329652007356026880 1 week ago #MONSTER out now with @ShawnMendes https://t.co/ktnSUnmHNs https://t.c... Shawn Mendes
1329650244833980416 1 week ago #MONSTER video premiering now @ShawnMendes https://t.co/5o11qhHAk0 Shawn Mendes
1329647919037882368 1 week ago About to go live on YouTube @ShawnMendes https://t.co/5o11qhHAk0 Shawn Mendes
1329643402946875392 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER 30 MINS @justinbieber Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329635934749515777 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER live stream 11:50pm ET with @justinbieber, v... Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329635591932301312 1 week ago #MONSTER 1 HOUR @ShawnMendes Shawn Mendes
1329590411346710528 1 week ago #MONSTER tonight @ShawnMendes https://t.co/5o11qhHAk0 https://t.co/wrv... Shawn Mendes
1329557045155160065 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER midnight ET https://t.co/sdpJ7q9KQw https://... Shawn Mendes
1329515582451027969 1 week ago Going live with @ShawnMendes 10 minutes before the #MONSTER video prem... Shawn Mendes
1329153707125202945 1 week ago #MONSTER CDs available now. Exclusive cover on my store https://t.co/P... MONSTER
1329123035769659394 1 week ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER friday with @justinbieber https://t.co/TjpYE... Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1329122252667973640 1 week ago Friday. #MONSTER with @ShawnMendes https://t.co/ktnSUnmHNs https://t.c... Shawn Mendes
1328783667238465537 1 week ago RT @AMAs: The #AMAs were feeling a little lonely... so we invited @jus... American Music Awards Justin Bieber T-Mobile
1328775440392200192 1 week ago See you Sunday #AMAs https://t.co/slaFzIRrVe AMAs
1328765531235753987 1 week ago This guy thinks he can beat me in hockey https://t.co/Cmk5v6jlZG Twitter for iPhone
1328759847148531719 1 week ago Who’s @ShawnMendes? https://t.co/3aO2QEUoDC Shawn Mendes
1328424217176584192 2 weeks ago #MONSTER Nov 20th @shawnmendes https://t.co/ktnSUnmHNs https://t.co/Dp... Shawn Mendes
1328423811323211777 2 weeks ago RT @ShawnMendes: #MONSTER friday nov 20th @justinbieber. Next single f... Shawn Mendes Justin Bieber
1328061499856842752 2 weeks ago #PCAs tonight https://t.co/v6ofxB2qsf PCAs
1327634835259723777 2 weeks ago Holding it against me like you’re the Holy one Twitter for iPhone
1327361506011385856 2 weeks ago Happy 5 years of Purpose Twitter for iPhone
1326974018348519430 2 weeks ago RT @ReeseW: Loved this cross genre moment between @justinbieber and @D... Reese Witherspoon Justin Bieber Dan + Shay