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Live,Love & Laugh...
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1333290074491023362 1 day ago Congratulations to @BellatrixAero on winning the National Award! I am... Bellatrix Aerospace
1284809887004995584 4 months ago Hey @Variety ... Thank you for reporting.However, a)The film is not ... Variety
1284735869522518017 4 months ago Beyond Thrilled!Cannot wait for what we believe is going to be an incr... Nag Ashwin Vyjayanthi Movies
1282935950490755072 4 months ago https://t.co/VjeHEGnZzw Twitter for iPhone
1282935925144608768 4 months ago https://t.co/vp5LFeDMHE Twitter for iPhone
1282935915267059712 4 months ago We're back!#TheDeepikaPadukoneCloset presents The At Home Edit. Procee... TLLLFoundation The Shoe Laundry
1274598814767144961 5 months ago https://t.co/Ms9VJBRiuA Twitter for iPhone
1274244142248361984 5 months ago https://t.co/aOE7oIYx1X Twitter for iPhone
1273850727429885953 5 months ago https://t.co/6JyX1I5pqY Twitter for iPhone
1273468783676411905 5 months ago https://t.co/2X6FsuinYN Twitter for iPhone
1273127652501729281 5 months ago https://t.co/Rypvt5wJpe Twitter for iPhone
1272793710053359616 5 months ago https://t.co/WN1VflGQ6c Twitter for iPhone
1272551074755276800 5 months ago https://t.co/7oSdllrJzE Twitter for iPhone
1272538799789109248 5 months ago However,I would recommend not naming the medication you are on and/or ... Twitter for iPhone
1272538315795750912 5 months ago It is extremely heartening to see soo many of you coming out and shari... Twitter for iPhone
1272192652679827457 5 months ago https://t.co/8sgsO3g6D3 Twitter for iPhone
1272168022485225472 5 months ago #YouAreNotAlone https://t.co/3QZDg0VR4X YouAreNotAlone
1270589526793166850 5 months ago To the greatest off-screen hero I could have ever had! Thank You for... pappa padukone
1268064190079438848 6 months ago RT @CMOMaharashtra: 🚨🚨 सुरक्षित राहण्... CMO Maharashtra
1268064170227851264 6 months ago RT @CMOMaharashtra: 🚨🚨 DO’s & DONT’s to stay safe! #C... CMO Maharashtra
1267003689757261824 6 months ago Our very first look test...💝 ‘Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah ho... 7YearsOfYJHD AyanMukerji RanbirKapoor Bunny
1262396752948277248 6 months ago Do not hesitate to seek support when you are feeling overwhelmed. #You... YouAreNotAlone MentalHealth
1258147126418329602 6 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Here are the top 3 tips for parents & caregive... TLLLFoundation
1258147109456556039 6 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on many, incl... TLLLFoundation
1255240937850187778 7 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: The current COVID-19 pandemic has triggered stress... TLLLFoundation
1255240582173274113 7 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: How can you build a support system for your mental... TLLLFoundation
1251527180120547329 7 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: CNBC Meets @deepikapadukone airs at 10pm IST tonig... TLLLFoundation Deepika Padukone CNBC-TV18
1248245820014526466 7 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Adapting to the new "normal" may seem challenging,... TLLLFoundation
1246746988382760966 7 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Tips to address your mental health during a lock d... TLLLFoundation
1246311913384009728 8 months ago 🙏🏽 https://t.co/KXtbY4YnYm Twitter for iPhone
1245393165995003905 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: The impact of the pandemic on people with pre-exis... TLLLFoundation
1243198362712567808 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: A guide to breaking the stigma around COVID-19 So... TLLLFoundation World Health Organization (WHO) UNICEF
1243198294492233729 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Stigma associated with COVID-19 is based on fear o... TLLLFoundation
1243198185465495555 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Make the world a safer place by staying indoors an... TLLLFoundation
1243198160530358272 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Social distancing is a public health safety interv... TLLLFoundation
1243198052170469387 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Minimize watching, reading or listening to news th... TLLLFoundation
1242689070473461760 8 months ago RT @NITIAayog: जब अलग रहकर आएंगे साथ... NITI Aayog
1242043441019641857 8 months ago Pappa, Your contribution to Badminton and Indian Sport is immeasurabl... Twitter for iPhone
1241613761091272704 8 months ago Trauma.Triumph.And the unquashable human spirit. Meet Malti...Tonight... StarPlus Meghna Gulzar Atika Chohan Vikrant Massey
1241415830975533058 8 months ago A mature and comforting address by our Honourable Prime Minister!🙏... Narendra Modi
1239914621676466177 8 months ago Thank You @DrTedros, for nominating me for the #SafeHands Challenge! ... Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Roger Federer Cristiano Ronaldo Virat Kohli
1237716704693633024 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: We are pleased to announce the appointment of @ANa... TLLLFoundation Ananth Narayanan
1237716694241431553 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: “I am absolutely thrilled that after having foll... TLLLFoundation
1237716686721052672 8 months ago RT @TLLLFoundation: Read more: https://t.co/xMPsQ08FgN #MentalHealthM... TLLLFoundation
1237269639710642176 8 months ago https://t.co/gkVwJXZiPu Twitter for iPhone
1237269565811261441 8 months ago https://t.co/uGCk1OxlNN Twitter for iPhone
1237269237552447488 8 months ago https://t.co/IHJNXqv5b5 Twitter for iPhone
1236903845646585861 8 months ago https://t.co/j32asolBao Twitter for iPhone
1236903821374156800 8 months ago https://t.co/vM3zhsDw7Z Twitter for iPhone
1236903811647565825 8 months ago #TheDeepikaPadukoneCloset is back with The Holi Edit, featuring some o... TheDeepikaPadukoneCloset