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1331023246586736643 1 week ago I want to send a massive thank you to all of my fans that participated... Propeller
1330728146170212352 1 week ago RT @aplusk: #eu #protectChildrenOnline the clock is ticking! https://t... ashton kutcher
1329658335990263815 1 week ago New song "My Reputation" out now with @Jeezy & @lilduval!!! 💘... Sno lil duval
1329602148598996992 1 week ago YALLLLL I GOT A SONG COMING OUT TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT CALLED “REPUTATI... lil duval Sno Sno
1329518691621466113 1 week ago 🤍 https://t.co/PD1BtokmlF Twitter for iPhone
1329264490182008832 1 week ago New new 🖤 Cut & color by Alchemist Amber Hair: Paul Norton Mak... Rokael Beauty ANGELO KRITIKOS
1329219169007624193 1 week ago I did a thing... https://t.co/FFxdxC9Mpj Twitter for iPhone
1328802634304720897 1 week ago #TransAwarenessWeek 💙💗🤍🌈✨ https://t.co/RNIqADAY4k TransAwarenessWeek
1328533518536892416 2 weeks ago 2 of my favorite movies are now available on @PrimeVideo!!👽🪐💕... Prime Video
1328513823515570176 2 weeks ago Last one. THANK YOU @peopleschoice 💞 thank you guys for watching an... E! People's Choice
1328513510792454144 2 weeks ago Lewk 5 🖤💣🎥 https://t.co/onDVjTBcZ7 Twitter for iPhone
1328513155698450432 2 weeks ago Lewk 4 💜☯️🔮 https://t.co/7SHGew2EAH Twitter for iPhone
1328512762264375296 2 weeks ago Lewk 3 🦄🦋💖 https://t.co/ZXnbv3VcW3 Twitter for iPhone
1328512570869866496 2 weeks ago Lewk 2 🌸👛✨ https://t.co/is30heNmaT Twitter for iPhone
1328511836711477248 2 weeks ago LEWK 1 ☄️💥🔥 https://t.co/iZSnJbqXZx Twitter for iPhone
1328488632727040001 2 weeks ago Gonna post lots from yesterday.. just a heads up 😂 https://t.co/asd... Twitter for iPhone
1328213871933468673 2 weeks ago RT @peopleschoice: We've said it before, and we'll say it again: HOSTE... E! People's Choice Demi Lovato
1328158711492317184 2 weeks ago RT @jimmyfallon: @demilovato is crushing it. Go Demi! #PCAs jimmy fallon John
1328139744044322817 2 weeks ago #PCAs @peopleschoice leggooooo ☄️💥🔥✨ (song: NTWFL by Sam D... E! People's Choice
1327306623312932870 2 weeks ago Georgia!!🍑You’re not off the hook yet... your run-off election is... Twitter for iPhone
1327104577661857792 2 weeks ago @colormejorge Wow learning Spanish rn Jorge Molina
1326981457303261192 2 weeks ago All eyes are on you Georgia 👀🍑🗳 New voters need to be registe... Twitter for iPhone
1326652936299147264 2 weeks ago Get the exclusive vinyl of I Love Me & Still Have Me available onl... Urban Outfitters
1326652182427480067 2 weeks ago RT @LateNightSeth: Of course @SethMeyers had to follow up with @ddlova... Late Night with Seth Meyers Seth Meyers Demi Lovato
1326602379651915776 2 weeks ago See you Sunday 💗😝 #PCAs https://t.co/QfJxaImjNB PCAs
1325953494281555970 3 weeks ago Tomorrow night I’m hanging out with @LateNightSeth!! 💗💗 https:... Late Night with Seth Meyers
1325510800233000960 3 weeks ago 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/EvMkKdGMLT Twitter for iPhone
1325176042219245573 3 weeks ago was finally proven to be BIGGER than the hate they tried to keep us do... Twitter for iPhone
1325175768591130625 3 weeks ago Also I wrote that tweet after watching a video a friend sent me of th... Twitter for iPhone
1325172210240155650 3 weeks ago Also - stop worrying what I tweet, BIDEN WON YALL 🥳🥳🥳😂😂... Twitter for iPhone
1325171890655166466 3 weeks ago FYI - I’m also not pretending to have never acted bigger than anyone... Twitter for iPhone
1325169609411059712 3 weeks ago Remember when we didn’t all think the same? (It’s still happening)... Twitter for iPhone
1325168174002630663 3 weeks ago Look, y’all do what you want. I don’t normally tweet because it pi... Twitter for iPhone
1325141667960283136 3 weeks ago Today isn’t about celebrating in the face of those that oppose your ... Twitter for iPhone
1325134301436866565 3 weeks ago This was OUR election and WE WON TOGETHER. There’s still a lot of wo... Twitter for iPhone
1325134298069028864 3 weeks ago Our 46th president, @joebiden!♥️🇺🇸🗳 I’ve been waiting t... Joe Biden
1325133788410744832 3 weeks ago RT @KamalaHarris: We did it, @JoeBiden. https://t.co/oCgeylsjB4 Kamala Harris Joe Biden
1325133775500664832 3 weeks ago RT @JoeBiden: America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead o... Joe Biden
1325127892637003776 3 weeks ago RT @nytimes: Kamala Harris has made history. https://t.co/oaiZpnB1sB h... The New York Times
1325127877172424705 3 weeks ago RT @nytimes: Joe Biden has been elected the next president of the Unit... The New York Times
1324382100020219909 3 weeks ago RT @marceelias: 🚨ATTENTION GEORGIA VOTERS! If you voted absentee ch... Marc E. Elias
1324382080126590978 3 weeks ago RT @marceelias: 🚨ATTENTION NEVADA VOTERS! If you voted absentee che... Marc E. Elias
1324382059348008967 3 weeks ago RT @marceelias: 🚨ATTENTION ARIZONA VOTERS! If you voted absentee ch... Marc E. Elias
1324382005912588294 3 weeks ago RT @MarkRuffalo: #CountEveryVote We have this. Mark Ruffalo
1324104214340055046 3 weeks ago If you mailed in or dropped off your ballot please please PLEASE visit... Twitter for iPhone
1324072328171560961 3 weeks ago Our democracy and freedom are worth waiting for. We must #CountEveryVo... CountEveryVote
1323996757949255682 3 weeks ago I’m not losing hope. My faith is strong. Just very disappointed at h... Twitter for iPhone
1323995969743020034 3 weeks ago Kind of terribly sad how close this election was. After this year and ... Twitter for iPhone
1323995661285556225 3 weeks ago RT @AOC: Donald Trump’s premature claims of victory are illegitimate... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
1323690635820412931 3 weeks ago If you’ve already voted, text or call 3 friends and make sure they g... Twitter for iPhone