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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund
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1333595493025284096 6 hours ago [email protected] Beanies. Tattoos. Tomorrow. https://t.co/yzLW9T7Qk3 Justin Bieber
1333518460345671680 11 hours ago Happy birthday, @ChrissyTeigen! You know how much I love you. I wish n... chrissy teigen
1333490833568370688 13 hours ago If you thought you couldn’t love @DollyParton more, please meet 5-ye... Dolly Parton
1333472981553537024 14 hours ago On the 4th Day of 12 Days @TheEllenShow gave to me… click this link ... Ellen DeGeneres
1332727944393994241 2 days ago This holiday season, I hope you’ll consider supporting small busines... Twitter for iPhone
1332116437213863936 4 days ago Happy Thanksgiving everyone from me and Portia https://t.co/e3TvqdFOSf Twitter for iPhone
1332041259939225602 4 days ago Happy Thanksgiving! Someone tell grandma her Zoom camera is still on. Twitter for iPhone
1331765334496440320 5 days ago Since 1986, @FarmSanctuary’s #AdoptATurkey Project has reached milli... Farm Sanctuary
1331712446285877248 5 days ago Please enjoy @JoshDuhamel and @OliviaMunn playing #TasteBuds. https://... Josh Duhamel Olivia Munn
1331661545693175813 5 days ago If you need something to get you into the holiday spirit, please watch... Twitter Media Studio
1331607695133192196 5 days ago Day 3 of my #12DaysofGiveaways is here! Find out how you can win all o... 12DaysofGiveaways
1331366704903905280 6 days ago 40 days left of 2020. You’ve got this. Twitter Web App
1331359520203755521 6 days ago Happy birthday, @Sarah_Hyland! To celebrate, I'm rewatching all the ep... Sarah Hyland
1331335942183870465 6 days ago [email protected]_Lala didn’t let becoming paralyzed from the waist down stop h... Evan Lalanne Tony Hawk
1331327411355488256 6 days ago This was a great day. https://t.co/PrUMyv295U Twitter Web App
1331314376947552256 6 days ago [email protected] demands a RECOUNT... of People’s Sexiest Man issue! htt... Jake Tapper
1331296190709735424 6 days ago It’s Day 2 of #12DaysofGiveaways! See how you can win everything I g... 12DaysofGiveaways
1331022652652150785 1 week ago Happy birthday, @MileyCyrus! Can’t wait until we can party in the US... Miley Ray Cyrus
1330991052073758723 1 week ago Okay, let's settle this once and for all. When do you put up your tree... Twitter Web App
1330972076736454668 1 week ago I want y'all at home to be able to win all of my 12 Days of Giveaways!... Twitter Web App
1330936404172562437 1 week ago Who's ready for some holiday joy? It's Day 1 of my #12DaysofGiveaways!... 12DaysofGiveaways
1330205132181676044 1 week ago 200 years in the future... “Honey, have you seen my iPhone 378? I ne... Twitter Web App
1329939791509536769 1 week ago The story of the future-second gentleman, as told by @TiffanyHaddish. ... Tiffany Haddish
1329893262404907008 1 week ago Happy birthday, @JoeBiden! I hope you celebrate with a lot of ice crea... Joe Biden
1329859251464851456 1 week ago MY 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS STARTS MONDAY! Check back to see how you can w... 12DaysofGiveaways
1329572060465487873 1 week ago We’ve all been ready for Thanksgiving since March. https://t.co/rT6B... Twitter Media Studio
1329538130970513408 1 week ago @bohemRhap ❤️ Shannon Crush
1329537821841842178 1 week ago He sees you when you’re sneezing… #FauciontheCouchy https://t.co/S... FauciontheCouchy
1329509841241403392 1 week ago Who doesn’t have a crush on @Harry_Styles? https://t.co/NFG6EcjL3z Harry Styles.
1329457975610773504 1 week ago @3threewomen ❤️ Isheeta Ganguly
1329455656420716544 1 week ago I ❤️ @DollyParton. That’s all. Dolly Parton
1329221213986512897 1 week ago Hey, remember Periscope? Twitter Web App
1329185822512332800 1 week ago [email protected] is the #SexiestManAlive! People on my show have been... Michael B. Jordan
1329174491730042884 1 week ago @swiftsfolkIore @PatrickDempsey ❤️ Adri. Patrick Dempsey
1329174356920995840 1 week ago @Geminigail10 ❤️ Gail L
1329151486090117121 1 week ago [email protected] stepped out of Meredith Grey’s dreams and onto my s... Patrick Dempsey
1329124658755473408 1 week ago Do people know that they’re creating an entire musical about Ratatou... RatatouilletheMusical
1329107968084774913 1 week ago [email protected]’s laugh though. https://t.co/73zl2rDWTV Sarah Paulson
1328860333063041024 1 week ago [email protected] is the first real wheelchair user to play the lead in a ... Kiera Allen
1328838428423716865 1 week ago This Thanksgiving is gonna be different, so Portia and I are coming up... Diddy
1328799714339287040 1 week ago I decided to kick off my #12DaysofGiveaways early for the amazing #Swa... Shutterfly
1328766086859243522 1 week ago You didn’t think I was going to miss out on scaring @MsSarahPaulson,... Sarah Paulson
1328495612455571456 2 weeks ago Circling back on this, @Tim_Cook. https://t.co/woPAjQfnBN Tim Cook
1328448120582152193 2 weeks ago Can someone from Florida explain this to me? https://t.co/iq7hDpXvfm Twitter Media Studio
1328410965059092480 2 weeks ago Matthew @McConaughey answers the question on why we don’t see him in... Matthew McConaughey
1327692605866471426 2 weeks ago Idea for Apple: If you lose an AirPod, put the other one in your ear a... Twitter for iPhone
1327412783772700673 2 weeks ago Happy month 9 of the quarantine, everyone! https://t.co/hlhSNuSL0e Twitter Media Studio
1327378994853941248 2 weeks ago Thank you to @GarthBrooks for giving me a chance. https://t.co/UM7l6yK... Garth Brooks
1327343020342009857 2 weeks ago Happy birthday, @JimmyKimmel. I love you! Giving you a 2020 hug! https... Jimmy Kimmel
1327311593089101824 2 weeks ago It's Friday the 13th! I hope nothing weird happens. I just want to wea... Twitter Web App