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1331434804953288711 4 days ago @midwestjames90 Thanks for this long awaited theme song.👏🏽🙌... midwestjames Ava DuVernay
1329245722814930944 1 week ago RT @oprahmagazine: [email protected] says her new interview with @BarackObama wa... O The Oprah Magazine Oprah Winfrey Barack Obama
1329245548495433728 1 week ago Watch the #TheOprahConversation with @BarackObama for free on @appletv... Barack Obama Apple TV
1329245292152188929 1 week ago Did y’all know that me and former President @BarackObama weren’t e... Barack Obama Drew Barrymore
1328760815814578176 1 week ago Click here to watch the #TheOprahConversation with @BarackObama for f... Barack Obama Apple TV
1328759229927350276 1 week ago The @BarackObama Conversation is now available on @appletv+. In his ma... Barack Obama Apple TV
1328413530501111809 1 week ago Watch my entire #TheOprahConversation with @BarackObama for FREE this ... Barack Obama Apple TV
1328412817972719616 1 week ago Sixteen years and six interviews later, former President @BarackObama ... Barack Obama
1327120747257606144 2 weeks ago Watch it now on @appletv+ #TheOprahConversation: https://t.co/PJjEDrH7... Apple TV
1327120546665013249 2 weeks ago On this episode of #TheOprahConversation, Dolly joins me as we look ba... TheOprahConversation
1327119379553726466 2 weeks ago To her millions of fans, @DollyParton is a national treasure. She’s ... Dolly Parton
1326176907109543938 2 weeks ago RT @EmmanuelAcho: Oprah and I want to talk to YOU! This Wednesday, get... Emmanuel Acho
1326172878895771653 2 weeks ago RT @oprahmagazine: The Oprah's Favorite Things 2020 List Is Here! 72 g... O The Oprah Magazine Oprah Winfrey
1326172826307530754 2 weeks ago It is my hope that this year's list will inspire you to express your g... Twitter for iPhone
1326172698553278464 2 weeks ago And this year, there’s a special twist! Because so many people want ... Twitter for iPhone
1326172619679346694 2 weeks ago ‘Tis the season for Faaaaaavorite Things 2020! The elves over at @op... O The Oprah Magazine
1325264071168585728 3 weeks ago And so we RISE as Maya would remind us. Character rises. Decency rises... BidenHarris
1320737453565743110 1 month ago RT @oprahmagazine: [email protected] Shares the Seven Books That Help Her Throug... O The Oprah Magazine Oprah Winfrey oprahsbookclub
1320721609855041546 1 month ago RT @oprahsbookclub: Books offer wisdom, solace and inspiration in even... oprahsbookclub
1320719164894547968 1 month ago Let’s help each other through these times with the help of these boo... Twitter for iPhone
1320719103603204102 1 month ago I know it’s hard to focus on anything right now because we’re so d... oprahsbookclub
1320533377758470147 1 month ago With a little over a week until Election Day, I wanted to talk to loca... Twitter Web App
1319146658215555074 1 month ago @3LWTV Hey you out here in theseCovid streets? Saw u on Amtrak now her... Lonnell Williams
1318567012696817664 1 month ago And if you still haven't seen it, you can stream the full conversation... Apple TV
1318566450202857472 1 month ago Thanks for watching. You’ve got to text me your aha-moments! #Caste ... Caste
1316537642150846464 1 month ago Great job friend @GayleKing. Especially comments on the “baby jordan... Gayle King
1316455368025874435 1 month ago Can’t wait to see what @ava does with @isabelwilkerson’s #Caste! I... Ava DuVernay Isabel Wilkerson
1309662936777076741 2 months ago RT @AppleTV: Stop apologizing and start living. @MariahCarey talks wit... Apple TV Mariah Carey Oprah Winfrey
1309662741880332288 2 months ago RT @MariahCarey: Freer. 🦋 Thank you @Oprah 🙏 Watch now on Apple... Mariah Carey Oprah Winfrey
1309662169911484418 2 months ago 😂😂😂 #TheOprahConversation https://t.co/59s1Zy5W3F TheOprahConversation
1309661796366774273 2 months ago Hey @mariahcarey, talent runs in your #lambily! #TheOprahConversation ... Mariah Carey
1309661541407621122 2 months ago That’s a good idea! We just had water for our convo but maybe some b... Mariah Carey
1309661364366041088 2 months ago Knew the #lambs would love it! #TheOprahConversation https://t.co/dmOr... lambs TheOprahConversation
1309661221445079040 2 months ago I told @mariahcarey that in finding the true meaning of herself, she w... Mariah Carey
1309660968205594625 2 months ago I’ve talked with @mariahcarey countless times (nine times on camera)... Mariah Carey
1309660659173515265 2 months ago [email protected] in her own words and in her own truth. #TheOprahConversa... Mariah Carey Apple TV
1309311663414407171 2 months ago This is how in sync Black women are. They all showed up in YELLOW with... Gayle King
1309311522531938304 2 months ago And bring a friend, a family member, a neighbor to the polls with you!... OWNYourVote
1309311167257554945 2 months ago And if we’re preaching to the choir then we gotta hear y’all sing!... OWNYourVote
1308912805639344130 2 months ago Yes. Her mother’s child. My heart goes out to Tamika Palmer, who has... BreonnaTaylor
1308814461214568448 2 months ago 🥴🥴🥴 https://t.co/6kVca88Ntm Twitter for iPhone
1308814326187405315 2 months ago We talk about the real meanings behind her songs, her famous marriages... Apple TV
1308814099934072836 2 months ago I may not have known the words back then 🥴 but after 10 interviews ... Mariah Carey
1308545904396427267 2 months ago Check your status & register to vote if you haven’t already here... Twitter for iPhone
1308545816941002752 2 months ago Over the years I’ve said it in as many ways as I know how: VOTE! Wha... #OWNYourVote
1308215240505675776 2 months ago Well now, surprise surprise to Me. Thank you @newsemmys for this honor... News & Documentary Emmys Ava DuVernay
1308214211504418819 2 months ago Bravo to the @OWNTV team and the recognition from @newsemmys for these... Oprah Winfrey Network News & Documentary Emmys
1307872133629071360 2 months ago Congratulations to my brother @tylerperry for his Governors Award. You... Tyler Perry
1307163415798923264 2 months ago We just bowed in prayer at our house for her Full and filled life and... Twitter for iPhone
1305336681067769858 2 months ago @3LWTV Belated Happinesses 🙏🏾 a day late but sincere Lonnell Williams