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1333429343935197184 1 hour ago This shield-like coating is made of calcite with high levels of magnes... Khoros
1333420537675206657 1 hour ago "When COVID-19 hit in March 2020 in the Netherlands, where I live, I s... Khoros
1333307035425902593 9 hours ago How do they do it? https://t.co/oRI1TO33yG Khoros
1333276335368704002 11 hours ago Frogs freeze solid, and turtles breathe out of their butts, to name a ... Khoros
1333188238870245379 17 hours ago Watch a cormorant dive for fish—and pluck a remora off the side of a... Twitter Media Studio
1333124842141396994 21 hours ago Some of the projectiles date to the Neolithic period while the most re... Khoros
1333097161433747458 23 hours ago Brazil's Cerrado, South America's largest savanna, is a haven for the ... Khoros
1333082056851660800 1 day ago Your Shot photographer Donna Bourdon was ready with her camera when sh... Khoros
1333063684231483395 1 day ago Seated on a winged throne, the colorful Lady of Baza was found in an I... Khoros
1333050597784903681 1 day ago While prematurity is a leading cause of infant mortality, infant loss ... Khoros
1333035497954963456 1 day ago Think you have to be in Iceland or Norway to see the northern lights? ... Khoros
1333012847454982144 1 day ago The spots on these astoundingly diverse flowers may be explained by a ... Khoros
1332944397877579777 1 day ago See Antarctica like never before—from the back of a humpback whale h... Khoros
1332913692590149634 1 day ago Indigenous people are more visible than ever in the tourism space, and... Khoros
1332885006528761856 1 day ago From 2019: The flying reptile was mostly head and neck—and had at le... Khoros
1332855058199945218 1 day ago Experts worry that the combination of the usual holiday stress and pan... Khoros
1332825347729997824 1 day ago Rattlesnakes use their noisy tails to warn: Back off, I can kill you h... Twitter Media Studio
1332763705096941571 1 day ago These schools have created their own small public health infrastructur... Khoros
1332761943149522949 1 day ago An international research team reported today that 400-year-old chewed... Khoros
1332735016359653376 1 day ago If family obligations necessitate travel, experts encourage minimizing... Khoros
1332687037686804482 2 days ago Not only are our closest animal kin more susceptible due to genetics, ... Khoros
1332678145300983810 2 days ago "In the Iroquois’ eyes, it’s about equality, inclusion, respect, a... Khoros
1332647946282815488 2 days ago "We shouldn’t be surprised by the continuing emergence of new diseas... Khoros
1332583602887008256 2 days ago Think snakes are cold, solitary beings? Think again. https://t.co/r7nI... Khoros
1332553319194255361 2 days ago Africa has inspired generations of writers to try to encapsulate this ... Khoros
1332521693378703361 2 days ago In a stunning time-lapse, a filmmaker reveals the first fleeting momen... Khoros
1332492674880958465 2 days ago The planned removal of the Klamath River dams may help restore the dec... Khoros
1332466737191800833 2 days ago Albatrosses can fly millions of miles during a lifetime, but they don... Twitter Media Studio
1332432102298628098 2 days ago Local organizations have become part of a widespread, informal network... Khoros
1332401320356159490 2 days ago In rural Oklahoma, Ryan RedCorn, an Osage photographer, creates portra... NativeAmericanHeritageMonth
1332372129422118923 2 days ago "Dear future generations, I hope we will be able to see the Arctic wil... Khoros
1332354765515321346 3 days ago This shield-like coating is made of calcite with high levels of magnes... Khoros
1332339899085807618 3 days ago Check out our new #AR experience on Instagram, which allows viewers to... AR NatGeoReimaginingDinos
1332326575363252224 3 days ago "For those of us at the beginning of our adult lives, the faltering st... Khoros
1332311978480701442 3 days ago "National parks and protected public lands are only as protected as th... Khoros
1332281784437010433 3 days ago "This was Squawkzilla. This was a potential horror that was maybe eati... Khoros
1332219871980089346 3 days ago While tiny and adorable, grasshopper mice are natural killers from the... Khoros
1332191517432279040 3 days ago Both land managers and outdoor enthusiasts are working to lighten visi... Khoros
1332163504602836998 3 days ago "To this day I’m still blown away by the video. They look like bumpe... Khoros
1332128770984173569 3 days ago What does the #Thanksgiving holiday celebrate? https://t.co/7bHSeytgeU Thanksgiving
1332069714558906370 3 days ago Aside from deciding whether to ask for seconds, not much is said about... HappyThanksgiving
1332038424921075715 3 days ago Climate change is shifting many of the conditions under which the plan... Khoros
1332006970094739456 3 days ago Your Shot photographer Zlatko Borenović documented this roe deer as i... Khoros
1331994720592162819 4 days ago From the signing of the Mayflower Compact to the landing at Plymouth R... Khoros
1331977608012177412 4 days ago On what would normally be the busiest holiday travel week of the year,... Khoros
1331966637571010567 4 days ago RT @Disney: To the everyday superheroes, to all those who go to infini... Disney
1331960970437156865 4 days ago By the end of this year, more than 50 million people could experience ... Feeding America
1331952191905685504 4 days ago In 1621, the Wampanoag leader Ousamequin forged a shrewd alliance with... Khoros
1331916708815249411 4 days ago These enlightening quotes and adorable animal photos provide the perfe... Khoros
1331856480669208576 4 days ago Think you have to be in Iceland or Norway to see the northern lights? ... Khoros