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1332495701058539520 1 day ago Yo what in the ffffffff is wrong wit yall I’m screaming https://t.co... Twitter for iPhone
1332495196022456320 1 day ago No yall r freaking brazyyyyyyyyy wtffffffff 😂🤣😂🤣 https://t... Twitter for iPhone
1332478894272745473 1 day ago https://t.co/xgqMtBNCXH Twitter for iPhone
1332471251894296577 1 day ago 🤣 flour dipped in some secret things. https://t.co/SiOnmOajm6 Twitter for iPhone
1332469794155626498 1 day ago I swear it rlly does. Like I should open up a lil restaurant chile... ... Twitter for iPhone
1332118231750823936 2 days ago 🥴😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/vmn5pxZZ4i Twitter for iPhone
1332115395872919552 2 days ago I have a real question for Americans only. How do u fry ur chkn? With ... Twitter for iPhone
1332113333336510465 2 days ago Happy Thanksgiving to my day 1’s. Love you 😘 https://t.co/4R7PcK9... Twitter for iPhone
1331796186651447296 3 days ago Heading in the kitchen to start #Thanksgiving dinner. 😅 Wish me luc... Thanksgiving
1331410763815084033 4 days ago Hahahahahahaaahahaaaaaaa Twitter for iPhone
1331377428950781952 4 days ago If I look cute in the pic and u don’t u gettin cropped & it’s ... Twitter for iPhone
1331315767967551488 4 days ago Never forget the Grammys didn’t give me my best new artist award whe... PinkFriday
1330985913103511555 5 days ago 🥴😘 https://t.co/ZP1jka9nh4 Twitter for iPhone
1330971878442233856 5 days ago UnReal. S/O to KAROL G 🥳 https://t.co/LuNehiOmlF Twitter for iPhone
1330968599129821184 5 days ago The barbz r just... I mean...🥺😤 https://t.co/tvGFQ19CBn Twitter for iPhone
1330967476432031745 5 days ago That’s insane. lol. Love you guys so much. Thank you. Wow. 🦄🎀... Twitter for iPhone
1330563199389691904 6 days ago https://t.co/PA43mslM2a SIGN UP my loves. Vinyls & more at the top... Twitter for iPhone
1330562589013598209 6 days ago https://t.co/PA43mslM2a #Barbz wuddup Barbz
1330334755297009664 1 week ago My PinkFriday filter is live on ig. Tap it to add the pink wig Twitter for iPhone
1330328643852230659 1 week ago No. They asked me to come but I can’t right now. I love them tho. Th... Twitter for iPhone
1330296103313534976 1 week ago Y’all catchin on Twitter for iPhone
1329974415258337283 1 week ago https://t.co/O2xR2ZpIRm Twitter for iPhone
1329947567640039427 1 week ago RT @RapCaviar: That time Ye pulled up to Hot 97 to promo MBDTF and he ... RapCaviar
1329947475143061504 1 week ago RT @TIDAL: It's #PinkFriday. 10 years ago today, @NICKIMINAJ released... TIDAL Mrs. Petty
1329881016798900224 1 week ago RT @MTV: "To me, music is spiritual. So it moves you in, like, a weird... MTV
1329858415829479424 1 week ago 😘🎀🦄 https://t.co/2X4nRSUug9 Twitter for iPhone
1329851378886316033 1 week ago #NickiMinajHBOMAX #PinkFridayAnniversary #PinkFriday https://t.co/ywEt... NickiMinajHBOMAX PinkFridayAnniversary PinkFriday
1329842601311100929 1 week ago Everyone play “moment 4 life”starting in 5 4 3 2 1 GO!!!! Then pla... PinkFridayAnniversary PinkFriday Barbz
1329835541177593859 1 week ago ♥️🎀🦄 https://t.co/VYIdGyyy6l Twitter for iPhone
1329835462920343552 1 week ago 45 mins https://t.co/66oJ4ulYmP Twitter for iPhone
1329665485621714945 1 week ago Just reflecting in the shower one day. Thinking about what role I play... Twitter for iPhone
1329665176765820928 1 week ago I think I fainted for both. I added another verse after em sent his Ba... Twitter for iPhone
1329664820346425344 1 week ago I wish “Catch me” went on the album & not just a Best Buy excl... Twitter for iPhone
1329664608739606528 1 week ago Omfg. Def can’t answer that. Still love all those artists for believ... Twitter for iPhone
1329664474098266113 1 week ago His Dad is feeding him while I tweet ☺️he was just sleeping on my ... Twitter for iPhone
1329664051849281537 1 week ago Interacting with you guys more candidly like b4 😘🦄 https://t.co/... Twitter for iPhone
1329663869954912263 1 week ago I admire the inner peace I found 🦄 https://t.co/XZEiuUE68L Twitter for iPhone
1329663684252033026 1 week ago Probably Blazin. I knew I wanted a legend on it so I worked rlly hard ... Twitter for iPhone
1329663526474973185 1 week ago Probably delivering the men vs. women speech in the studio, which made... Twitter for iPhone
1329663205568757767 1 week ago Great question. Hmmmm. Wayne couldn’t b on it cuz he was in jail. Th... Twitter for iPhone
1329662807609012224 1 week ago I would love to https://t.co/ThzTMX8DHr Twitter for iPhone
1329662756656611331 1 week ago Making an announcement tomorrow regarding one of the things you can ex... Twitter for iPhone
1329662526385131520 1 week ago Romans Revenge, did it on’em & save me https://t.co/DIbaoIhr5h Twitter for iPhone
1329659771457204224 1 week ago Ok. Ask your questions using one or more hashtags 😘 https://t.co/4G... Twitter for iPhone
1329656912661495809 1 week ago I’m listening to “here I am”. Keep it goin. #PinkFridayAnniversa... PinkFridayAnniversary
1329653111183425537 1 week ago https://t.co/38HdRfuvd0 #PinkFridayAnniversary https://t.co/POBFKrckgK PinkFridayAnniversary
1329649986204667907 1 week ago #PinkFriday #NickiMinaj #PinkFriday10 #Barbz #PinkFridayAnniversar... PinkFriday NickiMinaj PinkFriday10 Barbz PinkFridayAnniversary PinkFriday
1329308862088822784 1 week ago Ummm barbz why yall starting the celebration already? It starts tmrw n... Twitter for iPhone
1329261830905073667 1 week ago Barbz, Friday is the 10 year anniversary of Pink Friday. 🥺🦄 get ... Twitter for iPhone
1327004544153186304 2 weeks ago 🦄 Twitter for iPhone