Louis Tomlinson

11 years ago




1/4 of One Direction :) We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you. @lthqofficial
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1332284503704936448 3 days ago @tmhdoncaster White socks white trainers. Problem solved laura
1332281727528693760 3 days ago RT @LTHQOfficial: NEW EXCLUSIVE MERCH. AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ON... LTHQ
1331925228197453824 4 days ago The support on the live stream has been incredible. Thank you as alway... Twitter for Android
1331699301223968774 5 days ago @adoreyouellie @lwtdonny I know it's frustrating. It will work eventua... ellie bec ◟̽◞̽
1331698686313816066 5 days ago @alizeedesmars @LTxPromo Spent many years as a young lad on holiday wi... a l i z e e • Walls x LT Promo (Info + Action)
1331693694899134466 5 days ago @LTxPromo Very interesting. Thank you for this. love to all!! Walls x LT Promo (Info + Action)
1331686717036892164 5 days ago @LTUpdatesNews Will do on the next drop Louis Updates News
1331678627881226248 5 days ago @almightyskata @91sclau What a strange question. No I love you lot! El... nie.🏜 clau loves lewis💘
1331678401724354560 5 days ago @tommoxash @91sclau Boom! That's fucking amazing ʙᴇʀᴀⁱˢ ᵇᵒʳᵉᵈ clau;me respondio louis💘
1331678207746207744 5 days ago @91sclau Huge love. Great crowds, great football! clau;me respondio louis💘
1331676787294744589 5 days ago @lwtfamous @infinitysangel @lemonsoverice One or two emi ²⁸ dilay misses ¹ᴰ vero. ✮°。
1331675989139742723 5 days ago @infinitysangel @lemonsoverice Keep trying. Let me know if you're stil... vero. ✮°。
1331675609005780996 5 days ago @sugarpIumlwt You deserve it! luna.🎄
1331675111812952069 5 days ago @lemonsoverice Very true vero. ✮°。
1331673312670470148 5 days ago You're all amazing. Thank you for your support as always. Incredible s... Twitter for Android
1331630035913027587 5 days ago You're all legends! Here we goooooo Twitter for Android
1331629985451429890 5 days ago @xorainbowlouis Surprises me every time haha! ali xx
1331629499650338820 5 days ago Tickets for my livestream show on December 12th are on sale now!! Can... Twitter for Android
1331329739315961856 6 days ago @LTxPromo @LTHQOfficial @louis_tomlinosn No limitations correct! Walls x LT Promo (Info + Action) LTHQ Louis
1331268649953398785 6 days ago Really excited to get on stage again! Twitter for Android
1331267127236567042 6 days ago So excited to announce that I'm getting my band and crew together to p... Twitter for Android
1331211385192280067 6 days ago Hope you're all doing alright. Exciting stuff coming up!! Twitter for Android
1325806878677405702 3 weeks ago Hoping everyone's doing alright. Sending love! X Twitter for Android
1325800771728838658 3 weeks ago @xboxuk Regretting missing the preorder now!! Xbox UK
1321509906978086912 1 month ago @TeamLouisNews @wallschelsi @LTHQOfficial I'll get more info on this A... Team Louis News chelsi ☆ LTHQ
1321463751510470656 1 month ago RT @LTHQOfficial: NEW MERCH! Available for a limited time only. Lyric ... LTHQ
1320775355733397505 1 month ago Watching what @MarcusRashford is doing is incredible. Please do take t... Marcus Rashford MBE
1320473264494436360 1 month ago Anyone who's missing live music. Watch this top to bottom. https://t.c... Twitter for Android
1320472932842377221 1 month ago @louscat @wallslwts Any red hot chilis that John Frusciante is involve... agn g WALLS
1320471803890982921 1 month ago @tobsobrav This is a beautiful story. Send my love to your gorgeous li... van; louis me respondió
1320469509879308302 1 month ago @LTxPromo Yeah. Very interesting watch. Anyone who hasn't seen it shou... Walls x LT Promo (Info + Action)
1320466697262911492 1 month ago Answer your phone then dickhead @LiamPayne Liam
1318108820179124225 1 month ago RT @LTHQOfficial: AUSTRALIA! Louis has upgraded his Sydney show and ad... LTHQ
1316750749808963585 1 month ago RT @MarcusRashford: The ask 👇🏾 https://t.co/xRTvLb5YVt https://... Marcus Rashford MBE
1315361918098583556 1 month ago You guys are unbelievable! Twitter for Android
1315301721019764736 1 month ago @LWT_PT @louisgrammys England win and Calvert-lewin to score Louis Tomlinson Portugal ❄️ louise ◟̽◞̽
1315300164240846849 1 month ago Hope everyone's doing alright! Looking forward to watching England ton... Twitter for Android
1311788539126992898 2 months ago Also where we going - Gerry Cinnamon is another banger Twitter for Android
1311786590717521921 2 months ago @fuckitlwt Love it em ◟̽◞̽
1311785464047833088 2 months ago @lwtorns I have massive expectations and I know you won't disappoint sanflauar.
1311785331650441217 2 months ago @emilygh18x And you're still going. Incredible Em
1311785120429465603 2 months ago @sunloneylwt @LarryHispanic_ We don't fuck around do we jime,,ʷᵃˡˡˢ L&H Updates
1311784921535598597 2 months ago @golden28lwt @moraloffearless @CAR0LINASKIWI Educate yourself lil²⁸ frat harry’s wife
1311784617016528896 2 months ago @wasalwayslou @itsasolosong He's welcome to a show anytime. Bless him ... tina²⁸✨ mai. ⁹²⁹
1311784467690815488 2 months ago @lemonsoverice @wallslwts I mean I was 3 when it was released so no no... vero. ✮°。 g WALLS
1311783995869458432 2 months ago 25 years of what's the story morning glory tomorrow. Incredible. Twitter for Android
1311782979652419584 2 months ago @lightwoodonfire @styIesxs @otbgoldxn Social yes. Political no beatrice⁹¹ ᴍᴀʀɪ ²⁸ ًvickk
1311782341052895232 2 months ago @styIesxs @otbgoldxn I was talking about current :) ᴍᴀʀɪ ²⁸ ًvickk
1311782096956948480 2 months ago @icarussbravet Banger after banger ti; INACTIVA VER FIJADO
1311781076755513345 2 months ago @happilyavani Actually started getting into it the last few years A🎗