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1333455000840794112 34 minutes ago free limited-edition keychains for Cyber Monday, plus 30% off sitewide... CYBERMONDAY
1333453704779841538 39 minutes ago my #CYBERMONDAY sale continues!!! Don't miss out... 30% off sitewide a... CYBERMONDAY
1333146426793107457 21 hours ago Cyber Monday is here!! https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV πŸ’—πŸ’— https://t.co/a... Twitter for iPhone
1333070142217994241 1 day ago my @kylieskin Cyber Monday sale starts now!! 30% off plus free exclusi... Kylie Skin
1332822481304838145 1 day ago don’t miss out on my biggest sale of the year!! https://t.co/bDaiohh... Kylie Cosmetics
1332710093230460929 2 days ago my sets are all 30% off in my #BlackFriday sale at https://t.co/n1uvmP... BlackFriday
1332377905196789761 2 days ago BLACK FRIDAY sales on now at https://t.co/n1uvmPB0xY and https://t.co/... BlackFriday
1332063561686814720 3 days ago my @kyliecosmetics #BlackFriday sale continues!! Up to 40% off sitewid... Kylie Cosmetics
1332063220782153729 3 days ago my @KylieSkin #BlackFriday sale is on NOW! 30% OFF EVERYTHING, even my... Kylie Skin
1331757215477186560 4 days ago RT @kyliecosmetics: Good news! This morning there was an Afterpay outa... Kylie Cosmetics
1331693344775278594 4 days ago my @KylieCosmetics Black Friday sale just started!! https://t.co/bDaio... Kylie Cosmetics
1331677049480642562 4 days ago my @kyliecosmetics Black Friday sale starts in less than an hour!!! ht... Kylie Cosmetics
1331623504983126017 5 days ago my biggest @KylieSkin Sale ever! #BlackFriday starts in 1.5 hours!! 9a... Kylie Skin
1331351599067742208 5 days ago so excited for my Black Friday sales!! My biggest sales of the year st... BLACKFRIDAY
1331293842985795586 5 days ago my @KylieCosmetics #BLACKFRIDAY sale starts TOMORROW at 12pm PST on ht... Kylie Cosmetics
1330949858564337665 6 days ago also my international sites will be celebrating #BlackFriday with 30% ... BlackFriday
1330949272007626752 6 days ago my @kylieskin Black Friday sale starts Wednesday at 9am pst... my bigg... Kylie Skin
1329834930780528641 1 week ago I just added some new pieces to my closet for you guys! #kardashianklo... kardashiankloset
1329553209292070912 1 week ago 30 minutes... #KylieXGrinch https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV KylieXGrinch
1329540465683689473 1 week ago less than 1.5 hours to go until my Grinch holiday collection launches!... Twitter for iPhone
1329491536606683136 1 week ago we’re back making Grinch cupcakes in celebration of the Grinch X Kyl... Twitter Web App
1329187604282019842 1 week ago new YouTube video just went live! Come behind the scenes with me at my... Twitter for iPhone
1329161890337996800 1 week ago I see your tweets and for everyone asking, the Kylie X Grinch collecti... Twitter Web App
1329126509215248384 1 week ago 1 day to go.... #KylieXGrinch https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV https://t.co/H36... KylieXGrinch
1328764283019137024 1 week ago 2 more days till the GRINCH X KYLIE collection launches on 11.19 πŸ’š ... Kylie Cosmetics
1328534432240730115 1 week ago dinner @ mine ? https://t.co/HMAQ5iBtWR Twitter for iPhone
1328397375170232320 1 week ago kylie stole christmas πŸ’š the GRINCH X KYLIE collection launches THIS... Kylie Cosmetics
1328357221755809793 2 weeks ago my holiday gift shop is now open β„οΈπŸ’— https://t.co/VCotxSF2rm pe... Twitter for iPhone
1328042265260933120 2 weeks ago wearing my new HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS lip kit today πŸ’š actua... Kylie Cosmetics
1327415510812684289 2 weeks ago we watch it EVERY night https://t.co/J6kLdI2fXm Twitter for iPhone
1327415208025886720 2 weeks ago seriously the best feeling reading all your reactions to The Grinch Co... Kylie Cosmetics
1327414864654917632 2 weeks ago i love you toooooooo! thank u guys for all the support throughout the ... Twitter for iPhone
1327414557308973056 2 weeks ago ME TOOOOO! https://t.co/yAuj4hceZO Twitter for iPhone
1327414470398812160 2 weeks ago ahhh!!! https://t.co/HqLU5beSqW Twitter for iPhone
1327414148213342208 2 weeks ago WOW πŸ’š MY GRINCH X KYLIE HOLIDAY COLLECTION LAUNCHES 11.19 ONLY ON h... Kylie Cosmetics
1327385827551236096 2 weeks ago πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š https://t.co/gHRTf2M7Eb Twitter for iPhone
1327381913372221441 2 weeks ago revealing my holiday collection right now on my IG stories!! πŸ’š @DrS... Dr. Seuss Kylie Cosmetics
1327380840075075590 2 weeks ago and we are selling PR boxes this year!!!!!!! https://t.co/KtFboBPtz2 Twitter for iPhone
1327380591466070017 2 weeks ago ahhhhh!!!!!!! it’s the best collection yet https://t.co/EL99aeINQZ Twitter for iPhone
1327380484649750528 2 weeks ago πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’š https://t.co/orqrlcEOo2 Twitter for iPhone
1327380441800740865 2 weeks ago i cant wait for u guys to see it all UGH πŸ’š https://t.co/5DIXQiLlcr Twitter for iPhone
1327380298489757696 2 weeks ago πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ’š https://t.co/Pi2yxG5xYP Twitter for iPhone
1327327997808967681 2 weeks ago i can’t wait to reveal the holiday collection πŸ€πŸŽ„ @kyliecosmeti... Kylie Cosmetics
1327308440427872256 2 weeks ago just added NEW items to my closet! https://t.co/gY38YZUg44 Twitter Web App
1327071641705140224 2 weeks ago out of everyone who finds and sends the code, I'll be picking 5 people... Twitter Web App
1327068275373608961 2 weeks ago the first person who finds it on the site and emails the code to adven... Twitter Web App
1327068168230080512 2 weeks ago the first person who finds it on the site and emails the code to adven... Twitter Web App
1327068080120291328 2 weeks ago Ok guys... because my advent calendar sold out so fast today, I've dec... Twitter Web App
1327035612776464384 2 weeks ago can you guess the theme of my holiday collection this year πŸ‘€πŸŽ„ ..... Kylie Cosmetics
1326938047187808258 2 weeks ago RT @KrisJenner: Rose Bath is LIVE!!! Kylie’s limited edition, Rose B... Kris Jenner