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Shop The @SKIMS Slide, @kkwbeauty Crystallized & @kkwfragrance Crystals Collection now + our Cyber Weekend Sales!
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1333468250513043457 14 hours ago Hey, I’m here for you... 🎵 @harryhudson https://t.co/GE9FhMcLAQ Harry Hudson
1333455797603475456 15 hours ago LAST DAY to shop our @KKWBEAUTY & @KKWFRAGRANCE Cyber Weekend Sale... KKW BEAUTY KKW FRAGRANCE
1333198039264190464 1 day ago Our @KKWBEAUTY & @KKWFRAGRANCE Cyber Weekend Sale continues ✨ Ge... KKW BEAUTY KKW FRAGRANCE
1333129185531994113 1 day ago Hey guys Brandon’s case is even more urgent, he’s actually schedul... Twitter for iPhone
1333114677874876416 1 day ago #HelpSaveBrandon https://t.co/arTt7I6pPY HelpSaveBrandon
1333114669884706816 1 day ago Juror JF speaking out on Brandon’s Case #HelpSaveBrandon https://t.c... HelpSaveBrandon
1333114668777316353 1 day ago Juror GM speaking out on Brandon’s Case #HelpSaveBrandon https://t.c... HelpSaveBrandon
1333114667674300421 1 day ago Op-ed: I helped put Brandon Bernard on federal death row. I now think ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114666634141698 1 day ago HOW YOU CAN HELP For more info about the case & to let President T... HelpSaveBrandon
1333114665719767044 1 day ago He has now been on death row for 20+ years with zero disciplinary writ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114664822116352 1 day ago Although all five teens were black, 11 of the 12 jurors were white.  ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114663949770755 1 day ago Recently the prosecutor herself- the person who helped put Brandon on ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114663068971009 1 day ago In fact, two jurors who  have since stated that had they learned abou... Twitter for iPhone
1333114662188150787 1 day ago or how his homeless father had left him searching for protection in th... Twitter for iPhone
1333114661298966532 1 day ago At trial Brandon's attorney fell short by not hiring any experts who ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114660388823040 1 day ago The gunman then turned to Brandon, gun still in hand, and told him to ... Twitter for iPhone
1333114659457601545 1 day ago In fact, Brandon was not a part of the initial carjacking that took pl... Twitter for iPhone
1333114658635599872 1 day ago While Brandon did participate in this crime, his role was minor compar... Twitter for iPhone
1333114657737945090 1 day ago First, I want to say that a terrible crime was committed and me fight... Twitter for iPhone
1333114655980589057 1 day ago A terrible case has been brought to my attention and I need your help.... Twitter for iPhone
1333083921974784005 1 day ago 2020 as a photo 😂 https://t.co/3clULyFtoW Twitter for iPhone
1332924998961557505 2 days ago Pack a backpack with toys, school and art supplies, personal care item... Hidden Road Initiative
1332924997204127747 2 days ago Initiated by UCLA and UC Berkeley HRI chapters, "Holiday Backpacks for... Hidden Road Initiative
1332807555169603585 2 days ago RT @kkwbeauty: Rose Dust Lip Crayon - A soft rosy nude shade with a sh... KKW BEAUTY
1332785426898300929 2 days ago Better Together https://t.co/aIhz9C7aoS Twitter for iPhone
1332750514807857155 2 days ago RT @KKWFRAGRANCE: What KKW Crystal scents are on your holiday wishlist... KKW FRAGRANCE
1332367736102641667 3 days ago thankful 🙏🏼 https://t.co/AHkO24k79E Twitter for iPhone
1332113059310051330 4 days ago They’re so cute! https://t.co/aMXMPrGvNi Twitter for iPhone
1332022169258369028 4 days ago RT @AsyaKardashian: #HappyThanksgiving https://t.co/n4Cu46Da5m UH HUH HONEY
1332012968939319302 4 days ago RT @KKWFORMATION: JUST RELEASED: Mrs. West’s NEW @KKWBEAUTY holiday ... KKW FORMATION KKW BEAUTY
1331768898971181056 5 days ago RT @KKWFRAGRANCE: Afterpay is back! Shop all 8 Crystals & 20% off ... KKW FRAGRANCE
1331768873314623489 5 days ago RT @kkwbeauty: Afterpay is back! Shop the #Crystallized collection &am... KKW BEAUTY
1331757690918371330 5 days ago I’m so curious, which @KKWFRAGRANCE Crystal Perfume did you get??? KKW FRAGRANCE
1331711764510240776 5 days ago It’s one of my favorites too!!! I hope you enjoy 🤍🤍 https://t.... Twitter for iPhone
1331711463610851330 5 days ago RT @kamarikardash: I am so, happy that I got my hands on this LIMITED ... Kamari Kardashian Kim Kardashian West KKW BEAUTY
1331708582912528386 5 days ago RT @MichaelDavidTV: Crystallized this Holiday Season with @kkwbeauty &... Michael David KKW BEAUTY KKW FRAGRANCE Kim Kardashian West
1331708426339151872 5 days ago You’re going to love the new crystal fragrances! I’m obsessed with... Twitter for iPhone
1331708187700039680 5 days ago 🤍 https://t.co/P8tBtYMP27 Twitter for iPhone
1331708027653779460 5 days ago RT @KKWMAFIA: Shop @KKWFRAGRANCE Crystal Collection now only at https:... KKW MAFIA KKW FRAGRANCE
1331707994451558401 5 days ago RT @KKWMAFIA: Shop @KKWBEAUTY Crystallized Collection now only at http... KKW MAFIA KKW BEAUTY
1331690443571138571 5 days ago AVAILABLE NOW: Our entire range of crystals @KKWFRAGRANCE’s are avai... KKW FRAGRANCE
1331689222386880512 5 days ago AVAILABLE NOW: Shop @kkwbeauty #Crystallized Collection now! https://t... KKW BEAUTY
1331673055983235073 5 days ago RT @rodashian: The @kkwbeauty Crystallized Collection drops ... Leslie ♥ KKW BEAUTY
1331538448596000768 5 days ago I’m so excited to announce our @SKIMS partnership with @netaporter, ... SKIMS NET-A-PORTER
1331415478443651073 6 days ago RT @KKWFRAGRANCE: TOMORROW: The KKW Crystals restock along with 3 new ... KKW FRAGRANCE
1331415441110134786 6 days ago RT @kkwbeauty: TOMORROW: #Crystallized Collection launches + our Cyber... KKW BEAUTY
1331318611118526464 6 days ago Soooo 🔥 https://t.co/fKGnyig6x2 Twitter for iPhone
1331289897416658944 6 days ago You’re going to love them!! https://t.co/G4o9qWJpfs Twitter for iPhone
1331289697570746368 6 days ago RT @KKWMAFIA: Shop The @SKIMS Slide now only at https://t.co/DexaxI8UA... KKW MAFIA SKIMS