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⛅️ In The Morning | New Single OUT NOW ⛅️ @JLoBeauty drops 1/1/21 ✨ Get early access 12/8
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1333249445656367109 14 hours ago RT @enderbenavides: Birthday mood ✨🎉 Love, health, new music, be... ENDER ✨
1333249428078034949 14 hours ago RT @adrianlucero_: Yes Queen !!! @JLo ✨🥺your new single is also a... Adi⁷ jlo
1333195511596138496 17 hours ago RT @jlotyamo: put the headphones on increase the volume to the maximum... joy jlo
1333157166736318466 20 hours ago As a lil treat for the #InTheMorning streaming party, I just uploaded ... American Music Awards MALUMA
1333122885724999680 22 hours ago RT @allforyoujlo: @JLo I can’t pick a favorite lyric, I love the who... mea jlo
1333122874584952832 22 hours ago RT @strongest_lopez: No words can truely express how much I love this ... Veronica
1333122762605355008 22 hours ago RT @itsdeexo: @JLo . 🎶Queen in the nighttime🎶 Is my fav . You... 𝐃𝐞𝐞 jlo
1333122625070010368 22 hours ago RT @JLoveGlow1: @jlo this is one of my MOOD with #InTheMorning #JLOin... Carolina JLover jlo
1333122566752354304 22 hours ago RT @JLoSpain_: NA MA NA NA MA NA EH #InTheMorning #InTheMorning Streaming Party
1333122537618767873 22 hours ago RT @addictedstelena: @jlo #inthemorning https://t.co/jUzURRGrWf adams fosterS jlo
1333122451325128705 22 hours ago RT @remcrybaby: @JLo The entire song! Love you Jlo! Stream #InTheMorni... ً jlo
1333122392751697921 22 hours ago RT @letitbe_jlo: look babe!!! I'm gifting my friends with #InTheMornin... ems jlo
1333122211427729409 22 hours ago RT @mariamjIo: @JLo they’re not lyrics but the adlibs at the end go ... mariam jlo
1333122136018305024 22 hours ago RT @ciaralxpz: @JLo “You tell me I’m a real one, I’m the right o... cici jlo
1333122105211195392 22 hours ago RT @KrisJLover4Life: @JLo I love the whole song😍 you slayed as alwa... Kristen jlo
1333122079986647040 22 hours ago RT @highonjlo: @JLo Also this part been stuck in my head and I LOVE it... 𝗺 ✰ stream #InTheMorning jlo
1333122047111696384 22 hours ago RT @mariamjIo: @JLo “go down in the dim light, you love it cause it... mariam jlo
1333122016451256320 22 hours ago RT @jlomymedicine: @JLo “If you love me, say it in the morning, not ... lane | #STREAMINTHEMORNING jlo
1333121982380920832 22 hours ago RT @mariamjIo: @JLo “you tell me that you need me, wanna see me. but... mariam jlo
1333121968812396545 22 hours ago RT @gayforjlo: @JLo THE WHOLE SONG OMG Kat 💗#1 A.K.A stan💗 jlo
1333121955688370177 22 hours ago RT @mariamjIo: @JLo HANDS COVER MY NECK. HOLD TIGHT CAUSE YOURE OBSESS... mariam jlo
1333121904186585088 22 hours ago RT @mahsa97jlo69: @JLo Sweet little white lies Your sweet little white... Mahsa💕 jlo
1333119280271880194 22 hours ago What’s your fave lyric from #InTheMorning!? Tell me. InTheMorning
1333109488987959297 23 hours ago RT @mariamjIo: @JLo LOOKK!!! #InTheMorning @jlo mariam jlo jlo
1333109404531527680 23 hours ago RT @WORLDMUSICAWARD: #JenniferLopez' new sizzling Bop #InTheMorning en... World Music Awards
1333109361388863489 23 hours ago RT @idolator: Now this is a bop! @JLo's "In The Morning" sounds like a... idolator jlo
1333109167943401473 23 hours ago RT @Thequeensdaily: @JLo guess y’all need to stream #InTheMorning al... Bryson🌙 jlo
1333109149895258112 23 hours ago RT @KellyBlain4: @JLo Your voice in #InTheMorning is UNREAL 😍😍... Jlover3aInTheMorning jlo jlo
1333107644198912000 23 hours ago @sergiojlover 🤫 Sergio JLover
1333107544126984193 23 hours ago RT @highonjlo: @JLo THE SONG IS SO GOOOD IM OBSESSED!! 💗 #InTheMorn... 𝗺 ✰ stream #InTheMorning jlo
1333106377464586240 23 hours ago Love that you’re having a lil streaming party for #InTheMorning! I t... InTheMorning JLovers
1333106145213386753 23 hours ago RT @dianalxpz: STREAMING PARTY ALREADY STARTED‼ Buy #InTheMorning on... Diana💚 jlo
1333106127060361216 23 hours ago RT @itsdeexo: @JLo stream on Apple Music all day and buy and gift 🎁... 𝐃𝐞𝐞 jlo
1333077092645289985 1 day ago RT @withlopez: every time #InTheMorning starts playing 🗣😍🤣 @... d 🧚🏼‍♀️ jlo
1333070282706194432 1 day ago RT @JamaicanJlover: Literally been listening this song all day yesterd... JLover_LadiK❤️🇯🇲
1333070212313227264 1 day ago RT @xoqueenlopezxo: Sooo in love with #InTheMorning I have it on repe... jana✨ jlo
1333069862663458817 1 day ago RT @JloverLimitless: Haha I just caught my dad singing #InTheMorning @... jlover_limitless jlo
1333069499512233984 1 day ago RT @mariamjIo: JLOVERS!!! IN THE MORNING STREAMING PARTY TOMORROW. let... mariam
1333069274877808640 1 day ago RT @budleee: @JLo I literally woke up singing #InTheMorning 🎶 It's... Miguel Gonzalez jlo
1333069243466743808 1 day ago RT @WannaBeLikeJLo: #InTheMorning streaming party for @JLo to hit #1... a ♡ jlo
1333069190073253888 1 day ago RT @fromthebr0nx: me every second of my day since @jlo released #inthe... bel jlo
1333068355612278786 1 day ago RT @maurice6: Can’t get enough of @JLo’s #InTheMorning been basica... Maurice Schoonbroodt jlo
1333068329800536064 1 day ago RT @sergiojlover: Queen @JLo ! #InTheMorning is in top 18 on iTunes Sp... Sergio JLover jlo
1333068214075473921 1 day ago RT @fromthebr0nx: STREAM #inthemorning LET'S MAKE THIS #1 NOW!!!! @JLo bel jlo
1332906714811691013 1 day ago RT @mariamjIo: @jlo I said rt it jenheffa mariam jlo
1332906664626774023 1 day ago RT @withlopez: go buy #InTheMorning and keep streaming on spotify and ... d 🧚🏼‍♀️ jlo
1332906629671501826 1 day ago So good!!! https://t.co/tgN0jwazUN Twitter for iPhone
1332865479795376131 1 day ago RT @accessonline: YES! [email protected]'s whole family is rocking out to her new ... Access jlo
1332865405329674240 1 day ago RT @Popprince: Repeat listens to the brilliant new @JLo single #InTheM... Kevin Hughes jlo
1332813339907354624 1 day ago RT @TheEricaAmerica: Have you heard @JLo #InTheMorning!? 🔥♥️ PS... Erica America jlo