Hillary Clinton

7 years ago


New York, NY


2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.
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1333577103011438593 8 hours ago I love every episode we make of #YouAndMeBoth. But I think tomorrow’... YouAndMeBoth
1333472689042956291 15 hours ago Well, this was a true delight. Listen to me, @daxshepard, and Monica c... dax shepard Armchair Expert Podcast
1333467082554568704 15 hours ago RT @ReverendWarnock: There’s only 1 week left until the voter regist... Reverend Raphael Warnock
1333459149909323776 16 hours ago Thank you, Sarah, for helping to prove that women and girls belong on ... Twitter Web App
1333444295827795975 17 hours ago Join me tomorrow for @USGLC’s Tribute Celebration honoring leaders a... USGLC UNICEF World Food Programme
1333436491301793794 17 hours ago For the first time in history, the White House communications staff wi... Twitter Web App
1333182856399630336 1 day ago @GregHale1 Yes! "Play like a girl," indeed. 💪 Greg Hale
1331971446126546944 4 days ago Every Thanksgiving that looks different this year is an act of love an... Twitter Web App
1331295583810834434 6 days ago I'm biased. But I love these. https://t.co/926AAtgPiC https://t.co/i2... Twitter Web App
1331275450023366656 6 days ago How can we keep people fed during disasters, help restaurants stay in ... Please wear a mask! Do it for the World please... Samin Nosrat
1331250680007450627 6 days ago At his inauguration as New York City’s first Black mayor, David Dink... Twitter Web App
1330978645394022400 1 week ago And I'm thrilled that @JohnKerry, one of our country's foremost public... John Kerry
1330978644420947970 1 week ago Jake Sullivan is a brilliant policy mind who never forgets the overrid... Twitter Web App
1330978643472945155 1 week ago The incoming administration could not have chosen better personnel for... Twitter Web App
1330916130593058818 1 week ago Whether we’re talking about COVID-19, climate change, education, or ... Clinton Foundation
1330890253419360258 1 week ago The encouraging news about COVID-19 vaccines means there's light at th... Twitter Web App
1329833981156712453 1 week ago RT @ReverendWarnock: This is what happens when we don’t expand Medic... Reverend Raphael Warnock
1329823805934620675 1 week ago RT @mehdirhasan: “Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe ... Mehdi Hasan Hillary Clinton
1329819719914958852 1 week ago Protecting one man's ego is not worth damaging the legitimacy of our d... Twitter Web App
1329810917220118544 1 week ago [email protected], I'm so glad Susan is on the mend. I'm praying for her contin... Rachel Maddow MSNBC
1329500245999423488 1 week ago RT @Millennial_Dems: “While asking these questions may seem divisive... Millennial Democrats
1329467948893933568 1 week ago RT @HillaryClinton: Looking forward to this! Join Alex and me for a co... Hillary Clinton
1329451088584511498 1 week ago RT @CherieBlairQC: This #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay I'm launching @Cher... Cherie Blair Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
1329432093491859464 1 week ago Looking forward to this! Join Alex and me for a conversation at 12pm E... School of Transnational Governance
1329151060661952524 1 week ago I've been reading @EricBoehlert's Press Run from the beginning, and hi... Eric Boehlert
1329124449942122498 1 week ago Everyone should have the power to decide their own futures, and birth ... ThxBirthControl
1329112450885709827 1 week ago People are suffering. The real economy needs help. https://t.co/nw7fVS... Twitter Web App
1329112329896800258 1 week ago RT @gretchenwhitmer: It was an honor, @HillaryClinton. I am grateful w... Gretchen Whitmer Hillary Clinton
1329100917468180480 1 week ago Biden has world-class advisers to tackle the pandemic. But Trump's fai... Twitter Web App
1329096749898719232 1 week ago I'm honored to speak at the 2020 @CARE Impact Awards tonight. Join m... CARE (care.org)
1328789456262995969 1 week ago Relevant reading: In Dr. Paul Farmer's latest, he shares his first-han... Twitter Web App
1328771710351515648 1 week ago “Other countries have social safety nets; the U.S. has women.” htt... Twitter Web App
1328754673126412290 1 week ago For Rep. Lewis—and every American voter—let's get it done. Georgi... Twitter Web App
1328730891389198336 1 week ago Can't wait to read this. Congratulations, my friend. https://t.co/BAzZ... Twitter Web App
1328715099641667585 1 week ago I talked to Gov. @GretchenWhitmer about making tough decisions in the ... Gretchen Whitmer iHeartRadio
1328398514225811457 2 weeks ago RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Georgia is for all the marbles. We CAN win both sea... Chris Murphy
1328373522478018560 2 weeks ago RT @JoeBiden: Today's news of a second vaccine is further reason to fe... Joe Biden
1328357676686962688 2 weeks ago To quote one of my favorite movies, "A League Of Their Own": "It's sup... Twitter Web App
1327654511587045379 2 weeks ago “There was a lot going on in my head, but at the same time I had thi... Twitter Web App
1327620459865772034 2 weeks ago Diwali reminds us that that light can prevail over darkness, and that ... Twitter Web App
1327310962119094274 2 weeks ago I hope you’ll join me, @Madeleine, and @MichelleWKwan on November 19... Madeleine Albright Michelle Kwan
1327295096883175424 2 weeks ago The voters made their choice, and they chose decisively. https://t.co/... Twitter Web App
1326990092016226311 2 weeks ago RT @EmergeAmerica: DEMOCRATIC WOMEN: don't talk yourself out of runnin... Emerge
1326966076324929545 2 weeks ago Happy belated to one of my favorite book stores and some of my very fa... Twitter Web App
1326945474725761025 2 weeks ago Please wear a mask. https://t.co/jf0OOemAAC Twitter Web App
1326945351681630208 2 weeks ago RT @ChelseaClinton: We should look at Germany’s example where school... Chelsea Clinton
1326930363260743687 2 weeks ago It's never a good time for an outgoing administration to play politics... Twitter Web App
1326559294075121667 2 weeks ago Curious about running for office? An @EmergeAmerica info session is a ... Emerge
1326536486016196608 2 weeks ago Members of our military do more than protect our safety. They preserve... VeteransDay
1326201175977447424 2 weeks ago RT @fairfightaction: The road to the Senate majority runs through Geor... Fair Fight Jon Ossoff