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1332066698858352641 3 days ago I’m incredibly thankful for so much this year. I hope everyone is st... Twitter Web App
1327236227439857664 2 weeks ago https://t.co/uf2ZP81TPZ https://t.co/rYbAigFTtX Twitter Web App
1321174540223795201 1 month ago If I could vote in America, I’d vote with kindness. https://t.co/GQ8... Twitter Web App
1320758350187905024 1 month ago GOLDEN. OUT NOW. https://t.co/HlUqLOcmDx https://t.co/VDFY3A1mnt Twitter Web App
1305885356068200454 2 months ago I really hope to play the shows as planned for 2021 but will continue ... Twitter Web App
1305885354394673154 2 months ago Everyone’s health and safety remains our top priority, which is why ... Twitter Web App
1291431352013750272 3 months ago I’m heartbroken by Tuesday’s tragedy in Lebanon. Thinking of all t... Twitter Web App
1286307118836940803 4 months ago And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn’t be pro... Twitter Web App
1286307116169363456 4 months ago And for that, I will be forever thankful. I just can’t believe it’... Twitter Web App
1286307114902679554 4 months ago I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most i... Twitter Web App
1286307112608440320 4 months ago I’ve been struggling to put into words how grateful I am for everyth... Twitter Web App
1275208251869519874 5 months ago [email protected]_coalition https://t.co/pywJALdMca Black Music Action Coalition
1270794843652976640 5 months ago I will be using this time to listen, and to educate myself on how I ca... Twitter Web App
1270794842591817728 5 months ago The well-being of my crew, and all the fans around the world will alwa... Twitter Web App
1270794839806734336 5 months ago This summer we were excited to be bringing Love On Tour to North Ameri... Twitter Web App
1266813330867404800 6 months ago I’m donating to help post bail for arrested organizers. Look inwards... Twitter Web App
1266813328430522369 6 months ago I do things every day without fear, because I am privileged, and I am ... Twitter Web App
1266523512023310336 6 months ago JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD. https://t.co/DjqqMGFopT https://t.co/NbIDblG... Twitter Web App
1262413894816952322 6 months ago DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Practice social distancing. Watermelon Sugar ... Twitter Web App
1262251592205496320 6 months ago RT @Harry_Styles: Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run. Harry Styles.
1242708707965689856 8 months ago For the safety of yourself and others, please self-isolate. We’re al... Twitter Web App
1242708707034542082 8 months ago For obvious reasons, the upcoming tour in the UK and Europe will be re... Twitter Web App
1242708704966795265 8 months ago Anyone who knows me, knows that performing has always been my favorite... Twitter Web App
1237457039862845440 8 months ago LOVE ON TOUR 2020. American Express Presale begins Tuesday, March 17.... Twitter Web App
1233407408103358464 9 months ago FALLING. OUT NOW. https://t.co/uPGNbyQTSo https://t.co/Rl5foN8ik6 Twitter Web App
1233044515788906496 9 months ago FALLING. TOMORROW. 3PM GMT. https://t.co/uGgMk3xLh0 Twitter Web App
1232651995489718272 9 months ago HARRYWEEN. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. GUEST - ORVILLE PECK. American Expr... Twitter Media Studio
1231957017067126784 9 months ago FALLING. COMING FEB 28. https://t.co/hVXUIdrjmJ Twitter for iPhone
1223475761132249090 10 months ago To those of you here in Miami, I was told there’s a severe storm on ... Twitter for iPhone
1217562122307227649 10 months ago 18 FEB 2020 https://t.co/nk3GRVMufe Twitter for iPhone
1216363331864485888 10 months ago HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you @BRITs for the nominations. Love you. H http... BRIT Awards
1209062698484412418 11 months ago Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas time. Thank you for all the sup... Twitter for iPhone
1208085367481614337 11 months ago FINE LINE LIVE IN LONDON. DEC 19 2019. https://t.co/leVgGezAJq Twitter for iPhone
1206686730285441027 11 months ago Thank you to everyone listening to FINE LINE, I hope you’re enjoying... Twitter for iPhone
1206256127198892032 11 months ago LIVE IN LONDON. DEC 19. https://t.co/EujBmQO7qN https://t.co/FIJGiIxh... Twitter for iPhone
1206078048912568320 11 months ago FINE LINE LIVE AT THE FORUM. DEC 13 2019. https://t.co/DleB884dII Twitter for iPhone
1205580414494093312 11 months ago @tamestyles If I must. yoli
1205351799051444224 11 months ago FINE LINE. THE ALBUM. OUT NOW. https://t.co/xkqHnAr55E https://t.co/t... Twitter for iPhone
1205160406219575296 11 months ago Fine Line, available everywhere at midnight. https://t.co/2GHIfuRBew Twitter for iPhone
1205040255512064001 11 months ago VOTE Twitter for iPhone
1202949937509621761 12 months ago @pizzahutuk Game recognizes game. Pizza Hut Restaurants
1202948225470210049 12 months ago I pledge miniature tacos for all. Twitter for iPhone
1202935795880996866 12 months ago ADORE YOU. OUT NOW.   https://t.co/ZXuHDaxrxO https://t.co/HSfDMirOwi Twitter for iPhone
1202902720346304512 12 months ago @thisistomgreen Hi Tom. Tom Green
1202815074752237569 12 months ago ADORE YOU. OUT NOW. https://t.co/rrJjNfW0uW https://t.co/JIc1AOSFNJ Twitter for iPhone
1202627767193481216 12 months ago RT @HSHQ: FINE LINE . THE ALBUM . DEC 13 https://t.co/jeroQOH8Nd htt... HSHQ
1201879815676157952 12 months ago NEW LOVE ON TOUR 2020 SOUTH AMERICA DATES ANNOUNCED.   Public onsales... Twitter for iPhone
1201504825223131139 12 months ago ADORE YOU. COMING DEC 6. https://t.co/kC3XMKWBR8 https://t.co/2qtuZf... Twitter for iPhone
1197945730675007488 1 year ago LOVE ON TOUR 2020. ON SALE NOW.   NEW DATES: NEW YORK - ATLANTA - ORL... Twitter for iPhone
1196875129046781952 1 year ago LOVE ON TOUR. 2020. New Dates Added American Express and Verified Fa... Twitter for iPhone