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1332143250401091584 4 days ago [email protected] needs your support to continue to help knockout COVID in ... DowntownBoxingGym Carhartt
1331760473864278016 5 days ago WTF- who did this? https://t.co/CLqGZba96Z Twitter Web App
1331341407278280710 6 days ago So happy for @Royceda59 and @Alchemist on their Grammy rap album of th... Nickle Alchemist Type Beat Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
1326237644284694528 2 weeks ago RT @ShadyRecords: "You waited this long.." 📺 @Eminem’s #WithoutMe... Shady Records, Inc. Marshall Mathers
1323304002285654016 4 weeks ago One opportunity... #Vote https://t.co/sCUhq4dvAN Vote
1321883004566982658 1 month ago “This will be the last package I ever send your ass” #MMLP20 Capsu... MMLP20
1321838986906816513 1 month ago Another safe way to vote! @MakeHistoryHere rallied with the @NBA, @MLB... VOTE at an Election Super Center NBA MLB NFL NHL Major League Soccer
1321136688329039872 1 month ago Paul wants to hear your bars but they better be good 💀 TRUST ME. H... Paul Rosenberg Audiomack
1320851430912217088 1 month ago "May I have your attention please?" #MMLP20 capsule hits the store Thu... MMLP20
1320501718430470144 1 month ago My concert DJ and cohort @Alchemist just dropped his new project The F... Alchemist Type Beat
1320050734059147265 1 month ago Hit your favorite record shop to get the all-NEW @recordstoreday exclu... Record Store Day
1319778754999296001 1 month ago #DETROIT @WhenWeAllVote is making dropping off your ballot so easy tom... When We All Vote Detroit Pistons
1317487596470177793 1 month ago RT @ShadyRecords: Tune into @shade45 today! @eminem @DJWhooKid 12-6pm ... Shady Records, Inc. Shade45 Marshall Mathers WHOOARMY LIVE
1317487580909359113 1 month ago RT @ShadyRecords: Michigan voices are more important than ever this el... Shady Records, Inc.
1311880633535393794 2 months ago RT @ShadyRecords: #WHOMADETHESUNSHINE @WestsideGunn’s Shady solo deb... Shady Records, Inc. WESTSIDEGUNN
1307524152459395075 2 months ago Proud of Matt for writing this, everyone needs to use their platform t... BlackLivesMatter
1301909628163362818 2 months ago So happy to be a part of the sequel- @BigSean #Detroit2 #fridaynightcy... Sean Don
1296262014650798080 3 months ago Honored to be @YoungMAMusic’s first guest on her new radio show- che... Young M.A Apple Music
1292652388294234112 3 months ago Vote for Sway! https://t.co/p4S36kWBlP Twitter Web App
1291523154385539072 3 months ago "This is just the song to go ballistic on" 🦖 the soundtrack for #UF... UFC4 Godzilla
1290663585673293827 3 months ago RT @ShadyRecords: #Godzilla video is up for a couple @MTV #VMAs - "Vid... Shady Records, Inc. MTV
1282745478019518469 4 months ago “Fuck's going on, man?” @KidCudi #TheAdventuresOfMoonManAndSlimSh... The Chosen One
1282047472387403776 4 months ago Me and moon man got vinyl, cassettes and merch for our collab @kidcudi... The Chosen One
1281612896305393664 4 months ago Hazmat suit rap @KidCudi #TheAdventuresOfMoonManAndSlimShady stream n... The Chosen One
1281292119806636034 4 months ago Me and Moon Man @KidCudi got something coming tonight! https://t.co/qE... The Chosen One
1275944530257358848 5 months ago In response to @revolttv... https://t.co/XrFJi2BZDy REVOLT TV
1275438932046430208 5 months ago STOP HAVING A BORING LIFE! 💥💿💥Revisit the #EmWow with @realvi... Vince Offer
1275191109300477952 5 months ago #NotAfraid #Recovery10 Hit the store for limited 24-hr 10th anniversar... NotAfraid Recovery10
1275145853179658245 5 months ago Really happy and lucky to have @Royceda59 on board with the #MarshallM... Nickle
1273778924036796417 5 months ago "Music is my time machine" ⚡️️#RECOVERY10 more coming Monday! ht... RECOVERY10
1272018974151266306 5 months ago @NoLifeShaq Plus redman, LL, nas, joyner, kendrick, cole, andre, rakim... NoLifeShaq
1272018579609849856 5 months ago @NoLifeShaq For me, in no particular order... Toss up between wayne, p... NoLifeShaq
1269792182493483009 5 months ago RT @50cent: warning you may laugh at this, 😉 great delivery 💣 #... 50cent
1267302106874118147 6 months ago RT @ShadyRecords: We will be closed on Black Out Tuesday.  Join us in... Shady Records, Inc.
1266911177688350723 6 months ago I’m with @killermike on this one. Incredibly well done. https://t.c... Killer Mike
1266869656532520961 6 months ago Unity in Detroit is more important than ever. #EverybodyVsCovid19 tune... City of Detroit
1266458031107301379 6 months ago Speak up #untouchable https://t.co/GxxfjwlFd0 https://t.co/6TgtZ3Voon untouchable
1266084117894107140 6 months ago “Sometimes I wanna get on TV and just let loose But can't, but it's ... Tom Green YouTube Music
1265992242440867840 6 months ago RT @ShadyRecords: If you missed yesterday’s MMLP20 Listening Party, ... Shady Records, Inc.
1265761918347808770 6 months ago Sincerely yours #MMLP20 #STAN https://t.co/DczB7IdK2s https://t.co/20w... MMLP20 STAN
1265651643565162496 6 months ago Listen to the live stream of The Marshall Mathers LP on the site - I'l... Twitter Web App
1265299220711514118 6 months ago I'm in the live chat for #MMLP20 tomorrow at 3 PM ET and we're droppin... MMLP20 MMLP20 DearSlim
1264965581473828864 6 months ago "Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner, but I just been busy" text me... MMLP20 DearSlim
1264232431554646016 6 months ago #MMLP20 "I used to give a fuck / now I could give a fuck less" Stan d... MMLP20
1261345913777336320 6 months ago 💊 For old time's sake! #Relapse11 https://t.co/MKtPPNBm9D Relapse11
1259224567945605127 6 months ago Thanks to @jack for hittin us up on @liltunechi’s #YoungMoneyRadio @... jack Lil Wayne WEEZY F Beats 1
1258859537936846848 6 months ago "Set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd" 🔥 Hittin' #YoungMoneyRad... Lil Wayne WEEZY F Apple Music
1257862194101919744 6 months ago Like he said: Get Rich or die tryin’!! Get my friend @50Cent’s new... 50cent
1256646831230115841 7 months ago Michigan has some great DJ’s! Check out our home state winners of th... Shade45
1256411896103796736 7 months ago Join me on @Shade45 & listen to what I’m listening to on this lo... Shade45