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The voice of the people. Sorry, people.
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1333395546615255040 20 hours ago [email protected] is a kindred spirit, an incredible performer, and a ChapS... Kristin Chenoweth
1333097897320206339 1 day ago It’s 11/29/20, or as I call it “Two primes and two dimes.” Sorry... Buffer
1332737520086511620 2 days ago Does the 10 o’clock curfew mean I have to stay up ‘til 10? Buffer
1332438273063522305 3 days ago SPOILER ALERT in the new episode of The Mandalorian they reveal that B... Buffer
1332366516818489344 3 days ago A safe way to recreate the Black Friday shopping experience is to roll... Buffer
1332084219045179392 4 days ago Zoom really missed out by not creating a big, red “Leave Thanksgivin... Buffer
1331661181606637575 5 days ago If you're going to a big Thanksgiving dinner, remember to take a Tuppe... Buffer
1331347615770939393 6 days ago Am I obligated to accept the post of Secretary of Transportation if it... Buffer
1330858660743028740 1 week ago If you miss my podcast with @KevinHart4real, then what does that say a... Kevin Hart
1330741156628602883 1 week ago When Doja Cat joined Bebe Rexha at the AMA's for 'Baby I'm Jealous' I ... imnotold
1330561182835597314 1 week ago I'm not worried about a second lockdown, because I already know all th... Buffer
1330200805903904769 1 week ago Instead of “concede” or “lost,” what if Trump was allowed to s... Buffer
1329880699449565190 1 week ago I feel bad for the kids who aren’t cool enough to get invited to Sup... Buffer
1329472747181797378 1 week ago Serious question: Can a tree go to rehab? https://t.co/wqm0RhDLyq Twitter Web App
1329189436836380672 1 week ago Like my pal @SarahKSilverman, I support this incredible cause. https:/... Sarah Silverman
1329108342506078208 1 week ago Right now, Trump is fuming that he went with Giuliani over his first c... Twitter Web App
1328931208995217413 1 week ago Coronavirus update: don't click on anything titled "Coronavirus update... Buffer
1328810900149723136 1 week ago Remember, you need to start quarantining TODAY for Thanksgiving, and t... Buffer
1328322110679343104 2 weeks ago Hear @JohnLeguizamo tell me things that he’s never even told his the... John Leguizamo
1328024464722972673 2 weeks ago In political-medical news: There is an impacted stool in our body poli... Buffer
1327664092895645697 2 weeks ago A new book about Alexander Hamilton claims he wasn’t the talented Af... Buffer
1327343983245357057 2 weeks ago Instead of "What's new?" I've started asking people "Develop any fun c... Buffer
1327010787274219526 2 weeks ago A new study claims people who don’t exercise are more likely to be d... Buffer
1326591272941989888 2 weeks ago FLORIDA MAN LOSES ELECTION Buffer
1326240460046798853 2 weeks ago It's getting ugly... Mitch McConnell just demanded to see Joe Biden's ... Buffer
1325785490939924481 3 weeks ago Last year, @SamRichardson and I spent a week together acting like fool... Sam Richardson
1325483434869989382 3 weeks ago “Sorry about the other stuff. Did you get the election I sent you? A... Buffer
1324843652968054786 3 weeks ago So NOW Trump wants to quarantine in the White House. Buffer
1324792170361065472 3 weeks ago I keep thinking of all the Super Bowl rings the Buffalo Bills would ha... Buffer
1324517627234930688 3 weeks ago Dear White House Movers: Ask for the money up front. https://t.co/TER... Twitter Web App
1324144650278547459 3 weeks ago Wait, so the 83 people who still own a landline in the US didn’t pro... Buffer
1324082312695468033 3 weeks ago Let's not be too judgmental, who among us hasn't said something stupid... Buffer
1323737467296583683 3 weeks ago My hope is that the U.S. gerrymanders itself so hard we join Canada. Buffer
1323248499790618624 4 weeks ago Thanks for coming on my podcast, Jim Parsons. I’m sorry you had to s... Buffer
1322951034759766016 4 weeks ago “No way I’m going to stand in line for hours just to vote!” says... Buffer
1322575561861070853 1 month ago Happy Halloween — the second scariest day this week! Buffer
1322255455066955776 1 month ago Just realized that on Sunday, we get an extra hour of 2020. Buffer
1321931957194903553 1 month ago I wrote a really funny tweet but UPS lost it. Buffer
1321852046866264064 1 month ago I once threw a baseball 95 MPH that time I went sky diving. Buffer
1321499220227039233 1 month ago “Wow, that’s a shit-ton of butter!” --Me, watching any cooking s... Buffer
1321185654605230084 1 month ago If you want to feel completely powerless, scream "go away" at a drone ... Buffer
1320696933690855425 1 month ago I talk with Bruce @springsteen about everything and I am overjoyed. Li... Bruce Springsteen
1320399223221833731 1 month ago Getting older. I used to be able to run a 4-minute mile, bench press 3... Buffer
1320038845342191616 1 month ago Not to brag, but in my 20's I was known for my ability to give women m... Buffer
1319718740301406211 1 month ago Tried to do a seance with my dead grandparents and it immediately devo... Buffer
1319385542258233344 1 month ago I'm open to the possibility that there are Culkin siblings we don't ev... Buffer
1318962506640117761 1 month ago Shit, there's no iPhone footage of my selfless act. Buffer
1318690092723044353 1 month ago As a respected biohacker and AI pioneer, I was a natural fit to kick o... Adobe MAX
1318575276423458817 1 month ago Just dropped off my ballot. Good luck, Kanye! https://t.co/M22wXy4DPt Twitter Web App
1318160197622374400 1 month ago Sorry to Rashida Jones for the complete engineering meltdown on our en... Buffer