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1331677775019687936 5 days ago If you don't release music, you can't lose any Grammys. #ThinkAboutIt ... ThinkAboutIt
1330307230760099841 1 week ago 📣 https://t.co/fkYkciUs0r #SayHerName https://t.co/kpLFfJC3xG SayHerName
1328820935814569984 1 week ago 🍹✨🌴 @SelvaReyRum https://t.co/CHKizww7aI SelvaRey Rum
1314645647069310976 1 month ago Thank you for all the Birthday love!!!! ✨🥂✨🥂✨🥂✨🥂... Twitter for iPhone
1312856287084974082 1 month ago Just posted a video https://t.co/F58INiVB0N Instagram
1296750375114964992 3 months ago ❤️ Twitter for iPhone
1294324864761749505 3 months ago Goals 😎 https://t.co/3JBY5WX2Bp Twitter for iPhone
1290351243009826818 3 months ago Yo @rihanna I’d like to submit some of my headshots for your Fenty S... Rihanna
1290341151266897920 3 months ago Sometimes I get so frustrated writing music I look in the mirror and s... Twitter for iPhone
1285328622845222912 4 months ago Now that I have some of your attention, let’s Keep #JusticeForBreonn... JusticeForBreonnaTaylor
1285324782628556800 4 months ago 🥂✨ https://t.co/Z6KWfqi42Q Twitter for iPhone
1285302468079828992 4 months ago I’ll never get tired of singing this song. I dedicate it to all of y... 10YearsYoung
1282755223887331328 4 months ago RT @BET: #SayHerName! Sandra Bland died in police custody 5 years ago ... BET
1274785023275806720 5 months ago Happy Father’s Day Pops. I love you. let me borrow that one piece... Instagram
1274267229572366337 5 months ago RT @AndersonPaak: 🗣 WHO SAID IT WAS A #LOCKDOWN?!? Video and song o... Anderson .Blacked
1273856145543720960 5 months ago ✨✨✨ https://t.co/Ly3JfvwKmw Twitter for iPhone
1272242118677807109 5 months ago They could’ve easily called someone to take him home and protect hi... Twitter for iPhone
1271082535372517376 5 months ago Everyone Please Watch! #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor https://t.co/dr81kWpxz... JusticeForBreonnaTaylor
1269136731862781952 5 months ago RT @sarahannwithanh: Hawai’i for #BlackLivesMattters . https://t.co/... Sarah
1268987305680723970 5 months ago RT @majestic_gigi: Happy Birthday to this beautiful angel! Today she w... 𝘎𝘪𝘨𝘪 🦋~ 𝑳𝒂𝒔𝒕 𝑷𝒊𝒆𝒄𝒆 // ᴱⁿʰʸᵖᵉⁿ ᵈᵉᵇᵘᵗ⏳
1268243264156524544 6 months ago ~Muhammad Ali https://t.co/TubTtSmdFL Twitter for iPhone
1268232331141107712 6 months ago RT @BET: “Daddy changed the world”- George Floyd’s daughter ❤... BET
1267166319100583937 6 months ago Thank you to all the protesters around the world fighting for whats ri... BlackLivesMatter
1267166084257333248 6 months ago Thank you @MrChuckD for posting this. I’m sure the history for a lot... Chuck D
1266521798885007360 6 months ago #JusticeForGeorge #JusticeForGeorge #JusticeForGeorge JusticeForGeorge JusticeForGeorge JusticeForGeorge
1259603407075237890 6 months ago Look at moms!! I remember when she bought this wig and swore she was T... Instagram
1259213655289233408 6 months ago Love you Little Richard. https://t.co/ql5PedKvzG Instagram
1257370212355244035 7 months ago Congrats on your #1 record Unc! #ForeverValentine! Everyone show your... Charlie Wilson
1252428854368432128 7 months ago I’m writing everyday... I promise. ❤️ https://t.co/FbzDUfKIFY Twitter for iPhone
1252427998139002892 7 months ago Nah https://t.co/TaVNB6PH5z Twitter for iPhone
1252427384579473413 7 months ago We all won tonight witnessing @KennyEdmonds and @TeddyRiley1 go back ... Babyface TEDDY RILEY
1241597091064897537 8 months ago RT @DwayneDuggerII: AYE we lit! 24K Magic! #ClubQuarantine @djdnice ht... Duggy D-Nice
1237632670613430274 8 months ago @DwayneDuggerII Oh yeah Dwayne? That’s what you do? 😒 Duggy
1236611866241036290 8 months ago 🎲 ♥️ ♣️♦️♠️ 🎲 https://t.co/XHYm7gLSDJ Twitter for iPhone
1236610147469926401 8 months ago Swipe to see all the vibes. https://t.co/Zexr37Swnc Instagram
1232755639522189312 9 months ago On The One! https://t.co/HxOrrtLAnB Twitter for iPhone
1232578298254782464 9 months ago 🥂 Thanks Fellas. https://t.co/30lh86ThNY Twitter for iPhone
1231621528829091840 9 months ago All my love ❤️@naacpimageaward 🥂 Thank you. https://t.co/Obm0jt... NAACP Image Awards®
1228110483984531456 9 months ago LOOK AT EM! @CharlieWilson #ForeverValentine https://t.co/hRxKSnbjFe Charlie Wilson
1227701523834167297 9 months ago Beautiful! 🍾 Everyone go check out Uncle @CharlieWilson New video! ... Charlie Wilson
1227304309798428673 9 months ago LETS GOOOOO!!!! https://t.co/xRrXK5dYdB Twitter for iPhone
1226350264749154304 9 months ago Happy Birthday @AndersonPaak. I Bought you some DVDs. let me know whe... Anderson .Blacked
1225596024007168001 9 months ago Let’s go unc!!!!! https://t.co/ehYBqB1uUC Twitter for iPhone
1225472934736613377 9 months ago “If your heart is in your dream No request is too extreme When you... MarsMeetsTheMouse ImGoingToDisneyland YESSS
1222466454232031232 10 months ago RT @NBAonTNT: “Every time I see you guys, expect an ‘I love you.... NBA on TNT SHAQ
1222008286657970176 10 months ago @TreasureU2 Happy birthday!!!!! 🎁🎈🎊 💋VEGAS💋Bruno Mars TWEETED ME HBD on 1/27/20!🥰😱
1221529658761469952 10 months ago Kobe was a real life super hero on that court & I’m sure he was ... Twitter for iPhone
1219387020939685890 10 months ago Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Martin Luther King Day! https://t.co/o... Twitter for iPhone
1219384974631030785 10 months ago Nah! https://t.co/a01vjusZOJ Twitter for iPhone
1218996607317753856 10 months ago We must. 🥂 https://t.co/2jNeKORa2o Twitter for iPhone