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Seattle, WA


Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests.
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1331660054945153024 4 days ago RT @GlobalFund: “I will continue fighting. I will continue supportin... The Global Fund
1331301975074344960 5 days ago Today is the 25th anniversary of my first book, The Road Ahead. I made... Twitter Web App
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1329855643495190528 1 week ago You can listen to a bonus clip that didn’t make it into our latest e... Twitter Web App
1329836518735634434 1 week ago RT @TheDailyShow: Full interview with @BillGates: https://t.co/5WtQxlf... The Daily Show Bill Gates
1328810796172726278 1 week ago Nearly forty million people have Alzheimer’s or dementia today. We h... ADDI
1328407079346786306 1 week ago In our first podcast episode, Rashida Jones and I talked to Dr. Anthon... Twitter Web App
1328051034128744448 2 weeks ago More than 7 million community health workers serve their neighbors aro... Twitter Web App
1327028104938721280 2 weeks ago RT @melindagates: No one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe.... Melinda Gates
1326953686455574529 2 weeks ago Each week, we’ll talk about some of the biggest issues facing our wo... Twitter Web App
1326953684383621120 2 weeks ago I’m teaming up with Rashida Jones to ask the big questions. Check ou... Twitter Web App
1325138315964682246 3 weeks ago I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on b... Twitter Web App
1325138314861580289 3 weeks ago Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harr... Twitter Web App
1321544230007758848 1 month ago Here in Washington, we always vote by mail. It's a safe and secure way... Twitter Web App
1321117772357644290 1 month ago @MohamedBinZayed The UAE is an essential partner in stopping polio in ... محمد بن زايد محمد بن زايد
1319712659814510592 1 month ago For decades, @Rotary has worked tirelessly to #EndPolio. Today, the he... Rotary International
1318620676962480129 1 month ago RT @StephenCurry30: Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Fauci took the ti... Stephen Curry
1318292961398902785 1 month ago I’ve been working for some time on a book about what we need to do o... Twitter Web App
1318292960639774720 1 month ago It’s inspiring to see so much passion these days for dealing with cl... Twitter Web App
1318253044937617410 1 month ago India’s research and manufacturing capacity are critical for fightin... Narendra Modi PMO India
1317194467007287297 1 month ago Europe has an opportunity to get its economy back on track in a way th... Twitter Web App
1317129291151273989 1 month ago The COVID-19 pandemic has set back efforts to end poverty, hunger, and... CGIAR Nature
1316110014508007424 1 month ago [email protected]’s work in the community is as inspiring as his amaz... Stephen Curry
1315508269457186816 1 month ago Dr. Tunji Funsho’s work with @Rotary was essential in stopping wild ... Rotary International
1314601821374087168 1 month ago This honor is well deserved. COVID-19 is not just a health crisis—it... World Food Programme
1313854584700379137 1 month ago For the last 25 years, Dr. Firdausi Qadri, an immunologist and infecti... Twitter Web App
1311723478886694913 1 month ago I’m excited to see this kind of innovation. Detecting and predicting... Twitter Web App
1311372943604068352 2 months ago The only way to eliminate the threat of COVID-19 somewhere is to elimi... Twitter Web App
1311077469831622656 2 months ago Understanding this concept can help us measure our progress toward eli... Twitter Web App
1310642001432383489 2 months ago Developing and manufacturing vaccines won’t end the pandemic quickly... Twitter Web App
1309902604755849216 2 months ago Great to see the UK commit vital funding to ensure COVID-19 vaccines a... Boris Johnson
1309539934441619456 2 months ago RT @gatesfoundation: What do COVID-19 and malaria have to do with each... Gates Foundation
1309228127726395392 2 months ago After 20 years of stunning advances toward global goals to improve hea... Twitter Web App
1309147157040111616 2 months ago To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we need innovation acr... Twitter Web App
1308875248314601473 2 months ago Dr. John Nkengasong is a true Goalkeeper. His leadership will help ens... Twitter Web App
1307123218717777920 2 months ago Justice Ginsburg was a trailblazer who devoted her entire career to fi... Twitter Web App
1305993098682445824 2 months ago My dad was the “real” Bill Gates. He was everything I try to be an... Twitter Web App
1304817461687017478 2 months ago Thank you to the heroes everywhere working to keep us safe. I hope the... Twitter Web App
1304071051178061826 2 months ago These heroes represent the best of who we can be. Their efforts to sol... Twitter Web App
1301953962015293440 2 months ago RT @OurWorldInData: Some countries responded successfully to the pande... Our World in Data
1301604266738507777 2 months ago Clinical trials are critical to helping researchers better understand ... Twitter Web App
1300901312393932801 2 months ago I tackle every big new problem by asking two questions: Who has dealt ... Exemplars in Global Health
1300110510738698241 3 months ago Of all the things I’ve learned from Warren Buffett (and there have b... Twitter Web App
1300110509455282176 3 months ago Happy 90th birthday, Warren! https://t.co/8nH2EulTR4 Twitter Web App
1299474339041931264 3 months ago [email protected], thank you for making the world a healthier and more equit... 安倍晋三 Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
1299110661419532288 3 months ago RT @UN: 6 months ago, Africa confirmed its first case of #COVID19. Sin... United Nations
1298639188904931330 3 months ago If we’re going to address climate change, we need to find new ways t... Twitter Web App
1298321590153748480 3 months ago Today we move one step closer toward a world without polio. This is an... Twitter Web App
1298317456885260288 3 months ago RT @gatesfoundation: Thanks to the commitment of leaders from all 47 c... Gates Foundation WHO African Region