Barack Obama

13 years ago


Washington, DC


Dad, husband, President, citizen.
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1331681995857022987 4 days ago Let’s all do our part this Thanksgiving to keep people safe and heal... Twitter Web App
1330953347558494213 6 days ago The balance of power in the Senate is at stake in Georgia’s runoff e... Reverend Raphael Warnock Jon Ossoff
1329831998400114690 1 week ago Michelle and I are eager to bring the Obama Presidential Center to our... Twitter Media Studio
1329621415411277824 1 week ago RT @ObamaFoundation: Watch Now: @BarackObama joins @MBK_Alliance youth... The Obama Foundation Barack Obama My Brother's Keeper Alliance Jonathan Capehart
1329447407105486849 1 week ago This was fun. I heard Tim and Fred were listening to some of the songs... Twitter Media Studio
1328684558166986755 1 week ago My memoir, A Promised Land, is out today. I hope you’ll read it. My ... Twitter Media Studio
1328458351869644806 1 week ago Music has always played an important role in my life—and that was es... Twitter Web App
1326993403268259840 2 weeks ago More than anyone else, I wrote my book for young people—as an invita... Twitter Web App
1326555766866780161 2 weeks ago Today, we’re reminded of our solemn obligation: to serve our veteran... Twitter for iPhone
1325136780396437507 3 weeks ago Congratulations to my friends, @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris — our nex... Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1323781320678531077 3 weeks ago Thank you Chiney, Nneka, and all of the athletes who are using their p... Twitter Web App
1323777143566934020 3 weeks ago Rahul, you're helping make democracy work today. Thank you. https://t.... Twitter Web App
1323770228191465472 3 weeks ago There's a reason some folks are trying to make it hard for you to vote... Twitter Web App
1323770226555703296 3 weeks ago If you are in line to vote before polls close, you have the right to v... Twitter Web App
1323726205993033728 3 weeks ago This Election Day, everything is on the line. Our jobs. Our health car... Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1323717453046796289 3 weeks ago RT @JoeBiden: Voting is your right. If you have questions, reach out t... Joe Biden
1323703138529009669 3 weeks ago This is it –– today is the last day to vote. If you haven't alread... Twitter Web App
1323687618526269442 3 weeks ago For eight years, Joe was the last one in the room whenever I faced a b... Twitter Web App
1323626668842459136 3 weeks ago More than 100 million Americans have already cast a ballot in this ele... Twitter Media Studio
1323455502874005505 3 weeks ago Our administration literally left this White House a playbook that wou... Twitter Media Studio
1323394517941321730 3 weeks ago On Tuesday, you can choose change. You can choose a better America. Yo... Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1323384479533142018 3 weeks ago Maaza, this is beautiful. Thank you for voting—and thank you for sta... Twitter Web App
1323373267219001344 3 weeks ago Congrats on your first vote, Dewey! It will make a difference. https:/... Twitter Web App
1323341181292552194 3 weeks ago We’ve got to vote up and down the ticket like never before for Democ... Jon Ossoff Reverend Raphael Warnock
1323324599891877895 3 weeks ago We can’t afford to be complacent. Not this time. Not in this electio... Twitter Web App
1323309305232269313 3 weeks ago We can’t just imagine a better future; we’ve got to fight for it a... Twitter Web App
1323308966118629376 3 weeks ago RT @JoeBiden: If you can still vote early, then vote early today. If ... Joe Biden
1322981436085993473 4 weeks ago Today is the first day of Open Enrollment. If you need coverage or wan... Twitter Web App
1322969507187560448 4 weeks ago RT @JoeBiden: Folks, there are just three days left to vote in this el... Joe Biden
1322679224692604928 4 weeks ago Shoot your shot. https://t.co/XdZz4dh82T https://t.co/elpBmzu6hV Twitter Media Studio
1322646949707812868 4 weeks ago Fired up to be with my friends @StevieWonder and @JoeBiden in Detroit ... Stevie Wonder Joe Biden
1322621879857852416 4 weeks ago Don't boo — vote! Happy Halloween, everybody. https://t.co/XdZz4dh82... Twitter Web App
1322598253741920256 4 weeks ago Three days, Michigan. Three days until the most important election of ... Joe Biden
1322561848567386113 1 month ago You could be the difference between someone making it out to the polls... Twitter Media Studio
1322342828782084097 1 month ago Always great talking to @KingJames and @MavCarter about everything fro... LeBron James Maverick Carter
1322282938432737286 1 month ago Second, volunteer—you can make calls or text voters who can use a nu... Twitter Web App
1322282936629137409 1 month ago If you're wondering how you can support @JoeBiden in these final days ... Joe Biden
1322267580028125184 1 month ago What we do in these next four days will not just decide the next four ... Twitter Web App
1322222935659192321 1 month ago An important reminder as millions of folks across the country vote ear... Twitter Web App
1321912311985197058 1 month ago If we pour all our effort into these last five days and vote up and do... Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1321844387727421440 1 month ago Here are some helpful tips about voting in person this year. Do vote e... Twitter Web App
1321512358913679366 1 month ago Thanks for making your voice heard, Adam. I know a thing or two about ... Twitter Web App
1321504536780017665 1 month ago This right here is what it's all about. Tell your mom thank you for vo... Twitter Web App
1321497617721888768 1 month ago Stella, thank you for being a poll worker. You’re making a differenc... Twitter Web App
1321146533740486664 1 month ago RT @JoeBiden: With one week left until Election Day, I'm delivering re... Joe Biden
1321119885443977217 1 month ago We’ve only got one week left in this election. I’m in Orlando for ... Joe Biden
1321107610272227329 1 month ago In Miami this weekend, I dropped by The Shop to talk with @KingJames a... LeBron James Maverick Carter
1320841468530012160 1 month ago Republicans love to say right before an election that they’ll protec... Twitter Media Studio
1320698630014193664 1 month ago In the middle of a pandemic, this administration is trying to dismantl... Twitter Web App
1320477828626948096 1 month ago Felicidades, Sofia — I'll bet your car decorations alone inspired a ... Twitter Web App