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1333123589210456064 22 hours ago 🤍 https://t.co/nGVpMNcypc Twitter for iPhone
1332373662003937280 3 days ago ready for the queeeeen @mariahcarey !!!! can’t wait for #mariahsmagi... Mariah Carey Apple TV
1332357618061348867 3 days ago 🤍🌲🤍🌲🤍🌲 https://t.co/52k9XiUxTS Twitter for iPhone
1332222026744885250 3 days ago love u thankfulll Twitter for iPhone
1329192338971709441 1 week ago thank u my sweets 🤍🥺 https://t.co/wrJPEDKRRX Twitter for iPhone
1329069445294264322 1 week ago #MariahsMagicalChristmas coming to @appletv on december 4th (no i’m ... Apple TV Mariah Carey
1328882428014891008 1 week ago 34+35 out now 🤍 https://t.co/TFrQ6tML5W https://t.co/m15jU3asdE Twitter for iPhone
1328777735292952576 1 week ago RT @Vevo: [email protected]'s in the lab creating a masterpiece in "34+35... Vevo Ariana Grande
1328770038162018304 1 week ago @tattoosmilee u kiiiiiilled this are u kidding !!!! love u love u love... tay
1328744927820386305 1 week ago 34+35 out now 🤍 https://t.co/TFrQ6tML5W https://t.co/KTi0LDoQsz Twitter for iPhone
1328740778554712070 1 week ago loading .... https://t.co/TFrQ6u4lXu 🤍🔜 Twitter for iPhone
1328737245642121217 1 week ago 🤍 https://t.co/xfdXd4wjiq Twitter for iPhone
1328730498449899520 1 week ago one hr https://t.co/D4azSuOBnY Twitter for iPhone
1328722076803317766 1 week ago 1.5 hrs https://t.co/D4azSuOBnY https://t.co/woXoB6LVrm Twitter for iPhone
1328714515534397444 1 week ago 2 hrs https://t.co/D4azSuOBnY Twitter for iPhone
1328713692507062272 1 week ago love u Twitter for iPhone
1328707304628252672 1 week ago 2.5 hrs https://t.co/D4azSuOBnY Twitter for iPhone
1328397489377054721 1 week ago https://t.co/qNum5allXG https://t.co/zqrOCmRPfR Twitter for iPhone
1327665115924074497 2 weeks ago https://t.co/FpkiHYu41T https://t.co/X9y7s8AxR7 Twitter Web App
1327528236201304069 2 weeks ago RT @Thundercat: Thank you @jdbeckmusic and @DOMi_keys and @ArianaGrand... ashy daddy jd beck DOMi Louna Ariana Grande
1327460624113266689 2 weeks ago 🤍🤍🤍 https://t.co/hS0ToYQLpV Twitter for iPhone
1327456900477292544 2 weeks ago thank u brilliant trio for having me 🤍 love u always @thundercat ht... ashy daddy
1327356625569517568 2 weeks ago RT @TeamAriana: 🤍 rt to vote for ariana grande and lady gaga for "r... Team Ariana
1327356601242505216 2 weeks ago RT @TeamAriana: positions signed cds restocked 🤍 limited quantity ... Team Ariana
1327023831152660480 2 weeks ago RT @TeamAriana: r.e.m. full fragrance commercial 🤍 watch here: http... Team Ariana
1326627176439971841 2 weeks ago @OrangeTwinsSave brian. Orangetwinsrescue
1326626157052059648 2 weeks ago ☁️📠 34+35 🔬🌫 https://t.co/LGGN0zYKCw Twitter for iPhone
1326585768064606209 2 weeks ago our twitter is @Orangetwinssave 🌫 Orangetwinsrescue
1326583055285321728 2 weeks ago we are so happy, proud and excited 🐈🐕 our site comin soon 🔜 f... Twitter for iPhone
1325873270869151750 2 weeks ago 🤍 alt physical cover 🤍 positions 🤍🌫 https://t.co/QckqbapNF... Twitter for iPhone
1325643390462029824 3 weeks ago readin your responses crying lmao thank u and i love u Twitter for iPhone
1325564784734052354 3 weeks ago after one week of positions, what’s your favorite track ? Twitter for iPhone
1325564782909530112 3 weeks ago 🤍 hello / thank u. this is my favorite album yet and your response ... Twitter for iPhone
1325154822459305990 3 weeks ago https://t.co/NoB4QnHPkx Twitter for iPhone
1325128648731496449 3 weeks ago RT @AOC: Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden & Vice Presi... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
1325120491292520450 3 weeks ago RT @KamalaHarris: This election is about so much more than @JoeBiden o... Kamala Harris Joe Biden
1325117047852789760 3 weeks ago @TAYLAPARX crying TAYLA PARX
1325116160044490753 3 weeks ago CRYING @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 THANK GOD Joe Biden Kamala Harris
1324736867787366403 3 weeks ago @stanleakz no. leakz
1324736802486251520 3 weeks ago love u both so much thank u queens https://t.co/0zn6iN2XK5 Twitter for iPhone
1324736286997979138 3 weeks ago thank you my UK baaabies. i miss n love you all. thank you so so much.... Twitter for iPhone
1323650676681973761 3 weeks ago https://t.co/YgiNrF3Bqr Twitter for iPhone
1323650591621410816 3 weeks ago today’s the day. find your nearest polling place at https://t.co/dsI... Twitter for iPhone
1323336168210006016 3 weeks ago congratulations to this most incredible and deserving team @TBHITS @am... Tommy Brown Nij WeGotLondonOnDaTrack
1323288333741563904 4 weeks ago and if u have time after u vote yourself, help reach out to other vote... Twitter for iPhone
1323288007248539649 4 weeks ago begging https://t.co/o6wl1e3nZv Twitter for iPhone
1323285221416947714 4 weeks ago Florida, the race is close and we only have two days left to vote for ... Joe Biden
1322983824251260928 4 weeks ago @sometimesbri no i almost passed out bri
1322983661256339456 4 weeks ago @lovingsweetener thank youuuuuuuu my sweet i am too ! georgia
1322983053585645568 4 weeks ago @grandekordei @KioshiWarrior mama showed me. we can’t stop crying / ... ‎‏ً m a y a