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1317891000619159552 1 month ago https://t.co/hjhNsOTA75 Twitter for iPhone
1199448948404035590 1 year ago Don’t forget to Register to Vote before midnight tonight U.K ✔️ ... Twitter for iPhone
1073290008113672192 1 year ago FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS - NEVER FORGET GRENFELL 💚 https://t.co/Vtwm64... Twitter for iPhone
1050994240086523904 2 years ago Oiii Champagne Papi blew my mind tonight! Best production I’ve ever ... Twitter for iPhone
1042309484163551234 2 years ago ❤️ https://t.co/ABLCUxnErr Twitter for iPhone
1029049309487083521 2 years ago https://t.co/1WDiyFHfNm https://t.co/hLmmKaTkOa Twitter for iPhone
1026787713893236736 2 years ago https://t.co/PJVEFZm0qK https://t.co/jMNjkGeKfH https://t.co/WtLdw... Twitter for iPhone
994985380813443072 2 years ago This is great news 🙏🏻 https://t.co/Xs7eWqaDZA Twitter for iPhone
991038362596397056 2 years ago #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay Had this joker for almost a year now. He... NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay
958300584670572546 2 years ago The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton! We love you! We wish We co... Twitter for iPhone
953142237130645504 2 years ago Delores O'Riordan ❤️ https://t.co/HnRcn2ULMQ Twitter for iPhone
952061663074643969 2 years ago Queen Celine! What a show, an absolute highlight of my life, thank you... Twitter for iPhone
937771174058233861 2 years ago Please sign this with me! We need your help to sign and spread the pet... Twitter for iPhone
924567276250107905 3 years ago Also I can't with this hair and make up https://t.co/ddGC51nJcR Twitter for iPhone
924567096289366016 3 years ago Happy Early Halloween & Happy Birthday Gorgeous ❤️ https://t.c... Twitter for iPhone
915651909733814278 3 years ago This is a STUNNING album! @IbeyiOfficial https://t.co/wUpEmHzekX Ibeyi
904743679168049154 3 years ago Happy Birthday to the Queen @Beyonce We love you like no other x https... BEYONCÉ
898944353086865409 3 years ago #Game4Grenfell for the people of Grenfell and the wider community ❤... Game4Grenfell
880934056938151937 3 years ago https://t.co/nMB7xcK7BD Twitter for iPhone
880422747700170753 3 years ago RT @wembleystadium: 👉 IMPORTANT ADVICE 👈 If you are coming to @A... Wembley Stadium Adele
877898514507849729 3 years ago RT @wembleystadium: Limited general admission & single tickets ava... Wembley Stadium Adele
872443337210462209 3 years ago Vote x https://t.co/oQMeAqWFQl Twitter for iPhone
870708242233438209 3 years ago My best friend, my ride or die, my beyond talented love has a new book... Twitter for iPhone
860618641791995904 3 years ago Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x https://t.co/j15... Twitter for iPhone
844477332693897216 3 years ago #W4Water 1.5 million children die every year due to water related dise... drop4drop
839430817659117570 3 years ago "Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought hal... internationalwomensday
836109357699956737 3 years ago Ah Emma ❤️ And Moonlight, congratulations so so wonderful ⭐️ h... Twitter for iPhone
836063870267478016 3 years ago See you tomorrow Perth X https://t.co/C8qplKCQCG Twitter for iPhone
835049335385513984 3 years ago This fine young man's album is out today. Good luck darling @Stormzy1 ... Stormzy
834511096090337280 3 years ago Thank you @BRITs ❤️ I actually am on the other side, of the world!... BRIT Awards
828692976390066176 3 years ago Lady you SMASHED it! Totally nailed it 👌🏻 https://t.co/ONE1HRg5u... Twitter for iPhone
822499433057316864 3 years ago ✌🏻 https://t.co/XlcB8deroc Twitter for iPhone
821449671411466240 3 years ago Happy Birthday my Lady! We love you x https://t.co/tDf94yNYQW Twitter for iPhone
808425470056398848 3 years ago @robbiewilliams I love you too, you legend! X Robbie Williams
801365088380796929 4 years ago For further details please go to https://t.co/l21mEjQSCp https://t.co/... Twitter Web Client
800973666695548929 4 years ago https://t.co/ZFVJ4hSma9 Twitter for iPhone
799311340150149120 4 years ago For further details go to https://t.co/nBO4QoSecU https://t.co/3lYaMe5... Twitter Web Client
798224060668854272 4 years ago For further details go to https://t.co/nBO4QoSecU https://t.co/W0d66Ns... Twitter Web Client
795790489672880129 4 years ago Mannequin challenge https://t.co/4oZ5dmdsMN Twitter for iPhone
793132659866083328 4 years ago ❤️ @VanityFair https://t.co/cyZj9Bp9Rr VANITY FAIR
785619693667221504 4 years ago @AttitudeMag ❤️ Attitude
784857642133024768 4 years ago Bon Iver's music is one of the true loves of my life. Every. Single. T... Twitter for iPhone
776073871724281856 4 years ago Happy Birthday Amy X https://t.co/m5yp8NY1eU Twitter for iPhone
766277344516538369 4 years ago https://t.co/SJ1cWaPu1M Twitter for iPhone
766043655341826050 4 years ago https://t.co/sPdEIYSbUt Twitter for iPhone
765322170780250113 4 years ago I need to share with you all that I am eating the best burrito of my l... Twitter for iPhone
760431798983782400 4 years ago @MattBellassai Are you coming to my show tonight? Pls do X Matt Bellassai
760222116109283328 4 years ago Saw this in Golden Gate Park this morning ❤️ https://t.co/jm3xfVAF... Twitter for iPhone
750103242093240320 4 years ago Happy 4th July America! Really happy to be here 🇺🇸 https://t.co/... Twitter for iPhone
734077030510297089 4 years ago I am loving this! The Hour https://t.co/70eJjtUVZf X Twitter for iPhone