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1332778000551702533 8 hours ago @ErcXspace @SpaceX It will have landing legs Erc X SpaceX
1332753223912972297 10 hours ago @eugenelee3 @PPathole @karpathy Yes, very sad news. Tony was great. eugenelee3 Pranay Pathole Andrej Karpathy
1332747728984678402 10 hours ago @PPathole @karpathy For a second there, I thought that was a pic of Th... Pranay Pathole Andrej Karpathy
1332501090483527682 1 day ago @Poppa_BearQ @ID_AA_Carmack Yeah, truncate zeros & then round Sirrah Divad John Carmack
1332500802750083074 1 day ago @dburkland @ID_AA_Carmack Probably going to a wider beta in ~2 weeks Dan Burkland John Carmack
1332493771074887681 1 day ago @ID_AA_Carmack fp16 with least important digits truncated (so it feels... John Carmack
1332488875319681026 1 day ago @ID_AA_Carmack Int8 for almost all heavy lifting in inference works gr... John Carmack
1332043250664935427 2 days ago @thisisjendoll But actually! https://t.co/lb14pKsayI Jen Doll
1332043037262942208 2 days ago @thisisjendoll https://t.co/mMg5b8b40z Jen Doll
1331979023098974208 2 days ago Happy Thanksgiving! Twitter for iPhone
1331835831720554497 2 days ago @teslaownerssv @JohnEG78 @TeslaChillMode @UNPLGD3 @MFrunker @ccteslacl... Tesla Owners Silicon Valley John Edward Garcia TeslaChillMode #TeraSquad UNPLGD from FSD beta ✊🏾 Tesla MotherFrunker #FSDBetaCanada Tesla Owners Central Coast
1331835311803015168 2 days ago @JohnEG78 @TeslaChillMode @UNPLGD3 @MFrunker @ccteslaclub Ok. Overall ... John Edward Garcia TeslaChillMode #TeraSquad UNPLGD from FSD beta ✊🏾 Tesla MotherFrunker #FSDBetaCanada Tesla Owners Central Coast
1331834702102228992 2 days ago @karpathy Haha true Andrej Karpathy
1331834461768527872 2 days ago @HumanoidHistory The Promise is greatly needed Humanoid History
1331745833629470722 3 days ago @EvaFoxU We will have special colors for new Roadster, as we did for t... Eva Fox 🦊
1331723344325070849 3 days ago @RationalEtienne @TheBabylonBee 🤣🤣 Pope of Muskanity The Babylon Bee
1331698780073320449 3 days ago [email protected] is savage 🤣🤣 The Babylon Bee
1331661948950372353 3 days ago @WorldAndScience If you ever wondered where we came from World and Science
1331420412387880962 4 days ago This is a life leader launch, so more risk than normal https://t.co/Et... Twitter for iPhone
1331391765694263299 4 days ago @TesLatino @flcnhvy @thesheetztweetz Yes, but only slightly filled TesLatino 🚀 a.k.a. Rafael and #FSDBeta Tester Viv 🐉 Michael Sheetz
1331391356204425217 4 days ago @aholstein404 @flcnhvy @thesheetztweetz This is a subject of much deba... Anthony Holstein Viv 🐉 Michael Sheetz
1331391132367015937 4 days ago @flcnhvy @thesheetztweetz Major upgrades are slated for SN15 Viv 🐉 Michael Sheetz
1331390403413729281 4 days ago @flcnhvy @thesheetztweetz Many small improvements, but overall similar... Viv 🐉 Michael Sheetz
1331389134624219136 4 days ago @thesheetztweetz But that’s why we have SN 9 & SN10 Michael Sheetz
1331388984023461888 4 days ago @thesheetztweetz Lot of things need to go right, so maybe 1/3 chance Michael Sheetz
1331386982296145922 4 days ago Good Starship SN8 static fire! Aiming for first 15km / ~50k ft altitud... Twitter for iPhone
1331317526060539912 4 days ago @Erdayastronaut @MarcusHouseGame Maybe start on that a year from now. ... Everyday Astronaut Marcus House
1331317348523970562 4 days ago @RationalEtienne @MarcusHouseGame Not yet Pope of Muskanity Marcus House
1331310252927676416 4 days ago @StarshipFairing @MarcusHouseGame Not bad! We will definitely need mor... Jerry :D Marcus House
1331308907797630982 4 days ago @MarcusHouseGame Rapid & complete rocket reuse, low cost propellan... Marcus House
1331126834096992258 4 days ago @Erdayastronaut @PPathole @Teslarati @TeslaRoadTrip Yes Everyday Astronaut Pranay Pathole TESLARATI TeslaRoadTrip
1331075177262661633 5 days ago @PPathole @Teslarati @TeslaRoadTrip We’re still far from simply vide... Pranay Pathole TESLARATI TeslaRoadTrip
1331062680921235456 5 days ago @Teslarati @TeslaRoadTrip FSD Beta 5 coming out in a few days. Improve... TESLARATI TeslaRoadTrip
1331005909112397824 5 days ago @XHNews Exciting mission! China Xinhua News
1330982572038500355 5 days ago @vincent13031925 @Tesla Wow Vincent 🚀🟠 Tesla
1330767169198714880 5 days ago @Liv_Boeree Yea Liv Boeree
1330355871965179909 1 week ago Tomorrow will be the 7th flight of this rocket, landing on droneship O... Twitter for iPhone
1330261477798907904 1 week ago @JohnnaCrider1 @teslaownerssv @28delayslater Sure Johnna Crider Tesla Owners Silicon Valley 🐶Earl of Frunkpuppy🐶
1330260234187780111 1 week ago @FutureJurvetson @flcnhvy True Steve Jurvetson Viv 🐉
1330257784626171908 1 week ago @RationalEtienne @heydave7 @philwhln We have quiet a queue of products... Pope of Muskanity Dave Lee Phil Whelan 😷🇨🇦🦕🚀
1330257210975395843 1 week ago @RationalEtienne @ShyCybertruck Fate loves irony, but hates hypocrisy Pope of Muskanity Slightly Shy Cybertruck 🥳🥧
1330211783886462978 1 week ago RT @NASA: Booster separation, second-engine start, and fairing separat... NASA
1330206717980897283 1 week ago @ICannot_Enough @heydave7 Yes 😃 James Stephenson Dave Lee
1330206500023898117 1 week ago @flcnhvy Our data center was named Skynet as a joke over 10 years ago.... Viv 🐉
1330206139385044999 1 week ago @heydave7 @philwhln Tesla is a vehicle for creating & producing ma... Dave Lee Phil Whelan 😷🇨🇦🦕🚀
1330204058817351684 1 week ago @NASASpaceflight Largest cast titanium part in the world. No heat shie... Chris B - NSF
1330203008836247558 1 week ago Landing at Vandenberg AFB in California https://t.co/46J2GcCjP0 Twitter for iPhone
1330201798490120193 1 week ago @tobyliiiiiiiiii @SpaceX @NASA @NASA_LSP @NASAJPL @esa Actually, off t... Toby Li SpaceX NASA NASA's Launch Services Program NASA JPL ESA
1330201442733404163 1 week ago @tobyliiiiiiiiii @SpaceX @NASA @NASA_LSP @NASAJPL @esa Where it should... Toby Li SpaceX NASA NASA's Launch Services Program NASA JPL ESA
1330187635483140099 1 week ago @philwhln @heydave7 Because I am not an investor. Tesla is definitely ... Phil Whelan 😷🇨🇦🦕🚀 Dave Lee